holaaaa ladies! :)

It's Julianne here, and this is my...3rd? Yeah, 3rd tip in my tip series. Requests? Just comment below, ok?

Ok, so I know dating can be complicated, and some girls don't know where to start. 

I think this is the, uhhh...PHASES of dating :)

-You are on your own and feeling OK with yourself, but not really seeing anyone.

-You meet someone you would like to get to know better.

-The two of you decide to go out together.

-You both have a really good time on your first date. You can't believe how much you have in common.

-You go out again, and again it is great.

-After going out together several times you both realize you have found someone special.

-You fall in love and continue dating steadily.

-You decide to get engaged.

-You plan the wedding together and await the day.

-You get married.

-You live happily ever after.

Okayyyy, so maybe the last 3 or 4 steps are for the future, but the others are pretty true!

Before you want to get into a relationship, remember, you will have to commit, and you will be giving up some free time. As a single pringle XD, I love it.

But some of you want someone to love, and I totally understand. Love is a beautiful thing. Don't listen to the people who say love is a bad thing, they've just had bad experiences.

Some great collections about love:



These tips are pretty amazing, and really helpful :)

~ Don't change for HiM
~ * Might be a bit inappropriate *
( Bro's before Hoe$ OR Chicks before Dick$)
~ Don't be too clingy
~ Surprise them :)

Ok, that's all for this tip. Ummm... I'm forgetting something...OH! This was requested by @prettylittlejayla Hope I helped dear :)

Be { Y O U } tiful (:
xoxo Julianne @xoxo-julianne
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