-Hi guys this is my tip of the day mkay read on

-OKaY if you have not seen doctor who just run run far far away from it unless you like crying and spending 2 hours of your day watching it .

honestly not that big but charlieissocoollike like it i mean in the states not many people know about it but im pretty sure it gets like huge in the uk

for me its Amelia Pond, Rory Williams, River Song 
those are my top favorites but the other characters after the reboot are Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness,the 9-11th doctors, i love Captain Jack he went on to get his own show torchwood and if this set gets 50 likes then ill make a guide to it.

-Amelia Pond
oh Amelia Pond she waited 14 years after fish custard Amy is the main companion of the 11th doctor he met her when she was seven because of a crack in her wall that a alien escaped out of.

-Rory Williams
Amy's husband he was left by Amy for the doctor a few times then he waited 2000 years for her so yeah

- The 11th Doctor 
a fantastic man who is the current doctor he has a liking to fezzes,bow-ties,and stetsons He is married to River Song Amy and Rory's daughter his first food he liked after his regeneration was fish fingers and custard

-Donna Noble
a incredibly funny woman she was a companion of the 10th doctor and they met on Christmas at her wedding which was a plot by aliens yeah complex 

- Martha Jones
she was with the 10th doctor for a while not long but was fantastic not much else to say

-Rose Tyler
ah im here now great rose was fantastic se was in love with the 10th doctor and traveled with both the 9th and the 10th she left her life for the doctors and the 10th doctor loved her back

- The 10th Doctor
he was brilliant fantastic and he wore glasses to look smart

-The 9th Doctor
not my favorite in fact i don't have much to say about him 

-Captain Jack Harkness
hes hot and he dates anything hes always flirting with anyone and anything ;)

i think that's all for now ill add more if you want me to 
-Hannah @explodingzebraswatchingdoctorwho
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Wrote 4 years ago
im supprised at how many people in my town watch doctor who GO MERICA

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