Cosette checked herself one last time in the bathroom mirror, Jack was in her dorm waiting with the picnic supplies. He wore shorts, and a jack daniels tank top.
 “Cosette, are you coming already? Or do I have to come in there?” He yelled.
Cosette rolled her eyes and spirtzed on some perfume, “Coming…..” She felt his green eyes on her as she walked out of the bathroom in white short shorts and a chambray button down. Her were legs perfectly tanned and her was shirt unbuttoned at the top, revealing just enough. A smile spread across Jack’s face as he walked over and pulled her in for a kiss, “you look quite beautiful,” he said between kisses.
 Cosette hugged her arms around his muscular back, “thanks handsome. Ready to go?” They collected the picnic blanket and basket, and headed out the dorm.
 “They’re going to get stricter on the whole dorm visitation thing” Cosette mentioned in the hallway. Jack made a face, “What? Why?” 
“Some people complained I guess, and by people I mean the b*tches next door.” Cosette shrugged, and walked through the door as Jack held it open for her.
“We don’t follow rules anyways babe,” Jack winked, putting his arm around her lower back as they walked out into the quad.
Blushing just a little, Cosette turned away to set up the blanket, “It’s actually warm for once. I just hope everyone doesn’t decide to come out.” She looked around the quad; luckily there was no one else there.
“We’re all alone, finally.” Jack said looking into her eyes.
Cosette sat down on the blanket, “Talk about it! I hate everyone just watching, and judging.”
“Yeah, it must awk with El around.” Jack said, pulling out food.
“What is this I see?” cosette giggled pulling out a bottle of champagne, “At four in the afternoon, too?” 
Jack put his hands up, “you got me…. It was just a little surprise for later, if you know what I mean…” he wiggled his eye brows up and down seductively.
“Oh my. You pervert, Jack!” Cosette laughed covering his eyes with her hands. “What else did you bring. Damm, Jack, what is all this,” Cosette pulled out packets of candy.
“Ahhhh, moams!” Jack said grabbing handful and throwing them in the air.
Cosette rolled her eyes, “Please don’t tell me this is all you brought.”
“What more in life do you need?” Jack said unwrapping them two at a time.
“Uh protein! Jack!” Cosette laughed unwrapping one and running her tongue over it.
“Ohh, seductive, Cosette.” Jack said putting one in Cosette’s mouth. They at the rest of the candy, and laid out on the blanket.
“I need to work on my tan, before it gets too dark.” Cosette said un-buttoning her top in front of Jack, teasing him. She wore a black triangle bikini top underneath. She rolled over and put her face into the blanket, she murmured to Jack, “ Let’s have a sip of that Dom Perignon. ”
Jack reached over and pulled out two glasses, he poured half a cup each, and handed one to Cosette.
They sat up and watched the sunset, “Cheers you wonderful d*ck” Cosette held up her glass to Jacks and they clinked. They threw their heads back and downed the rest. He pulled her belt loops on her shorts, and she fell on top of him, and started making out. Cosette wrapped her legs around him, and ran her hand through his perfect hair. “I love you” he whispered in her ear. “Love you too, Jack” She replied in between breaths. The sun was now completely gone, and the moon shown through the clouds. 
Eventually they had to sneak back into her dorms because it was after curfew. A few hall monitors made their rounds, but luckily they only had a little to drink so they managed to get into Cosette’s dorm swiftly and quietly.
They continued making out on her bed for little, and finished off the bottle of Dom. Cosette passed out soon after. Jack waited until he was sure she was asleep, and quietly left.

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