- "All I Want" (live) by One Night Only. Because perfection. And George Craig. Which is basically the same thing. Dear lord, what I wouldn't kill to see them in concert in real life...

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This week you will be creating an outfit for a fieldtrip. This fieldtrip will be a great way to get to know your team members.
The Grunge girls will be going to the city for a rock concert, shopping, and eating out.

Make sure;
- Your outfit includes at least 2 of your team colors
- Your outfit is appropriate for what you'll be doing
- You tag and encourage your team members

- @i-will-follow-you-into-the-dark
- @ilafabbro
- @mollyannexoxo
- @nofears
- @v0ids
- @jazmaine
- @a-little-blue-kitteh
- @w0lfteeth
- @summer23134
- @w0lf
- @an-unknown-world
- @caitlinvanderlip
- @kyo2
- @pinkkay09

* * * * * *
Haha, apparently I set this contest in London during a One Night Only concert. Because why the hell not. That would be one AWESOME day, in my opinion. ;)

I put a crossbody bag in here because in personal experience, they're the best type of bag for concerts and walking since you can move your arms around freely. And, actually, the plaid shirt is also something I wore to a concert that really worked out, because waiting outside gets cold, but inside it's hot, so I wore it outside, then tied it around my waist inside. It's totally grunge too. Anyway. I got a bit carried away with the rings everywehre, but eeeeh. Whatever. ;)

I'm done now. Senior ditch day is tomorrow, but my teachers are being real jerks, so I'm still going to English tomorrow so I won't have to make up this quiz that she says would be ten time harder if we don't take it in class. Killjoy. But I'm still going to the beach after since that's where a huuuuuge majority of the senior class decided to meet up at. So that will be fun, at least. I heard there's gonna be a bonfire. :)
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