{{ kiss me // ed sheeran }}

this will forever be my favorite song ♥

helloo little snowflakes! c:
i call you snowflakes because you're all so unique and amazing and beautiful and enchanting and i'm not gonna say you're perfect because perfect is boring. you are asdfghjkl ♥
there's no better word to describe you. c:

{quote of the day; beauty is not perfection, beauty is loving who you are and not listening to what others say.}

i actually just came up with that, you can tell me if it's bad, i don't mind. cx

~Perrie-lady duck-pants! { @jadethirlwallanonx will get what i mean :p }

do my crushtag? c:

tags! c:

@jadethirlwall-xo DAVE!!
@jonasbrothers-anonymous <3
@jadethirlwallanonx jade-woman turtle shirt! c;
@birdyxo-anon nutella buddy! ♥
@yourprettylittleliarsanonymousxo i spelt it right!! C:
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