Your Life at Hogwarts Amazing Set Challenge

o1. what you look like
o2. your acceptance letter
o3. your house
o4. your classes
o5. your best friends {it doesn't matter what time, marauders, golden trio, etc :]}
{year two}
o6. your favorite professor
o7. albus dumbledore {he deserves a set xD}
o8. house elves {R.I.P. dobby}
o9. history of magic {your lesson on voldemort}
10. ghosts
{year three}
11. your first trip to hogsmeade
12. class on animaguses ;]
13. your animagus
14. divination, to take or not to take?
15. the marauders
{year four}
16. triwizard tournament
17. your pick {for the triwizard tournament, pick whoever! who you think should've won, who you think should've been in the tournament in the first place!}
18. your outfit {for the yule ball}
19. your date {for the yule ball}
20. the yule ball
{year five}
21. dumbledore's army
22. defense against the dark arts
23. umbridge
24. your fifth year boyfriend :]
25. your date at the three broomsticks
{year six}
26. your quidditch position
27. the quidditch game
28. weasley is our king :]
29. albus dumbledore's memorial
30. another set about your best friends
{year seven}
31. the last dance
32. the last feast
33. your last grades
34. hogwarts sweet heart :] {again whoever, marauders era, golden trio era, etc! :D}
35. graduation
36. who you marry
37. what's your job.
38. where you live.
39. your family.
40. happy or sad ending?

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