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Name: Pippa Spears
Age: 23
Occupation: Singer
Likes: Singing, acting, the big city, fashion, magazines, red lipstick
Dislikes: Silence, relaxation, short hair, country, pastels, children 
Bio: No, not like Britney or Jamie-Lynn. Although it’s ironic because Pippa is a singer, and has been practically since she was able to talk. Pippa has always loved singing, and it’s a good thing, because everyone has always loved hearing her sing. As a young child, she was always in her school plays, and if she wasn’t performing then she was singing in front of her family, all dolled up, of course. Pippa was bound for greatness; she did everything she could to get a record deal. But, unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working. She tried out for a number of different contests like American Idol and X Factor. She didn’t get far. Pippa didn’t know why. She moved out to Los Angeles in the hopes that someone would pick her up. She left school at the age of seventeen to pursue her music career; that’s how serious she was about, and that’s how serious her parents were about it. They were just hoping for the money; they could have cared less if Pippa carried out her dreams. After three years in L.A. with no luck, Pippa decided to give up. She moved back home and started going to the local community college, where she met, surprisingly enough, the co-owner of Red Bedroom Records. Pippa told her about her failed music career, and after a couple of meetings, Pippa was in the studio recording songs. It all happened so fast, but she couldn’t be more grateful. Pippa moved out to Red Bedroom as soon as possible, and has been living in town ever since. Her debut album is set to come out next year. The only thing that’s holding Pippa back is her long-time boyfriend in L.A.; she always said that she would go back to him one day, but now, Pippa doesn’t feel quite the same way. 
Relationship Status: In a long-distance relationship
Model: Coco Rocha
Taken By: Open

I was humming a Journey song as I pulled into my new apartment complex. It wasn't much, just a small two bedroom apartment, but it was all I needed. The U-Haul was already in the lot and the two middle-aged workers were heaving my familiar wood furniture off the back. I parked under the shade of a dogwood tree and slammed the car door shut with a thud and pressed the automatic lock button on my keys. 
I took the elevator up to floor six, this highest story and the one where my room was located. I stuck my key in the lock and the door clicked open with a satisfying 'click'. I stepped inside and smiled. 
The air smelled lightly of Dove soap and a Ralph Lauren perfume I couldn't quite place. As I said, it wasn't much but the open floor plan, light hardwood floors, and the French doors that led out to a small balcony made it comfortable and simple. And there was an Ikea a few miles away, I would have to slip by there on an off day. After all, I wasn't expecting to be living in a tiny studio apartment for too long. Hopefully in no time I'd be able to afford something a little bigger. And with a little less scuffs on the floors.
I let my beige tote bag fall from my shoulder and plop onto the ground by the door. I moved from the hardwood floors to the carpeted area that I assumed was the living room and pulled down the handles to the French doors. The slid open without a hesitation and a blast of warm air hit my cheeks. I stepped out onto the balcony with the black wrought iron rails and smiled up at the sun. If the weather was any idication of how much I'd love this place then I was more than happy to be here.
I heard my BlackBerry ring from inside my bag and hurried to answer it. I rummaged through my purse and found it lying on the bottom, whirring. The screen read 'Cassandra'. I clicked the green 'Answer' button quickly and pressed the phone to my ear.
"Hello Pippa." Her smooth, honey-like voice spoke through the receiver. "Where are you?"
"What do you mea-" I suddenly remembered I had a one o'clock appointment at Red Bedroom Records. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I totally blanked." I slammed the door to my apartment behind me and raced down the stairs and out the front door. I slipped into my Lexus GX470 with ease and I speeded out of the lot.
"You can't go 'forgetting' meetings around here. I'm giving you ten minutes. Be here." I could here her voice get higher as she said 'forgetting'. Uh-oh. This wasn't good.
I clicked off the phone and tossed it onto the passenger seat before putting a coat of red lipstick on, keeping one eye on the road and the other one on my reflection in the rear view mirror.
Red Bedroom Records stood tall and imposing. I threw the door open and scurried past the number of receptionists chatting on the phone until I saw a free secretary. "Hi. I have a meeting with Cassandra." I breathed.
"Oh. Yes. Her one o'clock? Which I'm guessing is turning into her 1:15.." The secretary raised her eyebrows, mockingly. I nodded and fought the urge to roll my eyes. "Right this way." I followed her through the large halls, passed a few leggy girls wearing billowy skirts and singing in unison to a Britney Spears song.
"Pippa is here for you." The secretary popped her head in the door which I was guessing led to Cassandra's office. "She's ready." I was practically shoved into the room, stumbling over my leath and suede wedges.
"Hi." I murmured, straightening up and pulling down my beige dress with the black leather pockets. 
"You're late." Cassandra raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows, her pretty face betraying no emotion. A small smile played on her coral lips.
"I'm sorry." I breathed again, moving to shake her hand.
"No apologies. Just don't do it again." She motioned to the seat in front of her desk. "Sit."
I swallowed and did what I was told. "Of course." I said, crossing my legs and fixing my eyes on hers.

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