December 12th: We’ve all wanted to spend the night at Disneyland, and now we have the chance! After the park closes to the public, we’ll all be let in for a few hours. Hurry over to your favorite rides and make sure you hit all of them before everyone else. Spend the night making new friends and new memories with all of the fellow hopeful cast members, but make sure to hit the sack once you get home – we all have training tomorrow morning.

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story started here;


I smile weakly as I look down at Henry's hand. "You'r going to have to lead the way for me. I still haven't memorized the map of the park yet." I say, taking his hand in mine. I smile a bit more as I interlock our fingers. My hand almost fit perfectly in his, and even if I was a few inches taller than him, I could still manage to lean against him some as we walked.

Henry laughs some, "Well... it takes some time to know the part like I do. You'll learn." He says, smiling down at me.

"I think you might have to teach me.. you seem like quite the expert, Henry." I say, smiling back up at him.

He scrunches up his nose at me. "I /guuuuuuess/ you could call me an expert."

I laugh softly, "I'm going to call you one. Deal with it." I say, making a slight face back at him.

Henry smiles a bit more at me before we stop walking. "Heeeere we are. You ready?"

"I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be." I say with a shrug.

"Good!" Henry says before pulling me into the ride. He seemed so excited about this - and it was genuine excitement too. Henry was pretty adorable.

He pulls me into one of the ride cars, and I look down, very confused.

"You want to try and hit the targets, okay?" Henry tries and explain to me.

"Okay.." I say quietly, a little startled when the ride starts. I try and hit the targets but I totally suck at it.

I give up after a bit just giggling as I watch Henry. He was so into, but somehow worse than I was.

"Chloe! Are you laughing at me? Come ooooon, you're supposed to be shooting things!" He says, laughing some as he nudges me playfully.

"Sorry,'re just worse at this than I am." I say, going back to playing - although the game doesn't last very long after that.

Henry walks off the ride, laughing, which only makes him have the biggest smile I have ever seen someone have.

" least we had fun, right?" He says, smiling up at me. 

"Yeah.. at least we did." I say, deciding to take his hand again. "So.. where to next?"

Henry thinks a minute or two before dragging me to another ride. And this is pretty much how we spend the rest of the night - Henry excitedly dragging me from ride to ride and making me genuinely laugh more than I ever think I have.

This is how the night goes until the park is about to close and the night has to come to an end.

We get off another ride and Henry turns and smiles at me. "I think you should pick the last ride we go on."

"Me? Why me?" I ask, a little shocked.

"Becaaause I want you to, and you haven't picked one yet." He says, swinging our hands some.

I think a moment, before looking back at him. "Could we go on the teacups?"

Henry's smile grows a bit bigger and he nods at me. "Teacups it is!" He says somehow more excitedly than before. He leads the way and we get on the ride right away.

"Ready?" I ask as Henry and I sit across from each other on one of the purple tea cups.

"Ready." He says as he smiles, grabbing onto the middle thing and the second the ride starts we spin it as fast as we can until we decide it'll go around enough to stay spinning the rest of the ride. I let go of the middle and let myself slide into Henry. 

He smiles, laughing a bit more as we spin and I just lean into him. The ride finally comes to an end, but Henry and I stay sitting in the tea cup for a minute or two. I couldn't speak for him, but I was just enjoying the moment. 

I look over, catching the time on one of the clocks out in the park, sighing.

"Uh oh, what's that sigh for?" Henry asks, smiling at me. 

"I just..I think it's time for me to go." I say, getting up and off the tea cup. I hold my hand out for him to help him up.

"Aaw, are you sure? We could probably go on on more ride." He says, walking with me out of the ride and into the square.

"Yeah...I need to get home." I say, swinging our hands. "It was lovely spending this night with you though."

Henry smiles, "Yeah, it was a lot of fun." He says, smiling a bit more after he's said it.

"I look forward to judging with you, Henry." I say, smiling back at him.

"Yeah, you too, Chloe." He says back to me.

"Bye, Henry." I say, leaning up and kissing his cheek as I pull away from him as I start to walk away.

"Bye!" He calls out, which makes me smile as I look over my shoulder and wave at him.

I continue my way out of the park and out to my park. I had had a lot of fun tonight...and I honestly looked forward to getting to know my fellow judge a lot more.
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