Kids - MGMT
I love this song soo much. ♥
Poppy's version is beautiful as well. ♥

Oh and I love that quote. ♥ Who doesn't love Audry Hepburn? ♥ I'm a Stereotypical teenage girl. lol. ♥

Yesterday I went to Tiffany's house with her and Joe. So much fun! lol. She just moved and her house is beautiful! We were exploring and she has like three pedo sheds. lol. We actually skipped the first football game. Haha... Completely forgot about it. We won! Yay. 

The first week of school was great! I can't wait to have three day weekends. ♥ My dad is flying to California next week and then coming back with a U-haul! Things are coming together and my room is going to be done soon! My chandelier, floral bedding, dress form, and cream vanity are going to all be in my possession soon. ♥

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