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---Tagged by @buttercup08 in her Chic set: and @roguelondon in her Fab set:

---I chose the Ted Rossi Leather bangle from @buttercup08 and the 
Faith Connexion white pants from @roguelondon

---Song: "Take Care " by Drake
@buttercup08 's question: If you could travel anywhere for vacation, where would you go?

answer: My all time fav place New Zealand!

@roguelondon's question: If you could raid any celebrity closet whose would it be?
answer: Jennifer Lopez 

1. Pick a song.
2. Make a line from that song be a title in your set.
3. In that set, use one item from this set.
4. Tag 5-10 more people and tell them to do the same.
5. Ask a random question! (and answer mine too)
--My question: If you could work/design for any fashion designer in the world, who would it be? 
Tag: @wear-it , @laughlivefashion , @hebaaa3 , @glamlicious , @akatonbo 

Have Fun! ;)
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