December 30, 2013

Song of the day: Say Anything - Tristan Prettyman

Sooooo. Forgetting how to make sets is always fun. I need my layout guru (@hortensie!)...

Yeah. So I'm gonna go hide in shame now and come back never.

Kidding! I'll try to come back tomorrow.

It's just that it's 2 o'clock and I need to go to bed :P But yeah I just watched "Safe Haven" and it wasn't even that good but omg Josh Duhamel's characters are always A+++ in these sappy romances <3 

Also, I watched "It's Complicated" last night and-- two words... 


He wasn't even really in the movie. In fact, the movie wasn't about him at all. But omg he is just THE perfect guy in every single role he plays. I feel like I'm missing out by not watching him and Pam in "The Office," so I'm 100% gonna start that in college. I promise.

Alright. Like I said, I might get my first break in forever tomorrow, so I will try to squeeze in a set before the New Year.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I regret that I wasn't here to greet y'all (I swear I tried to make a Christmas set, but my capacity to use any color that's not black, white, gray, or an earth tone is pretty much nonexistent, so that was completely out of the question!), but I'd love to hear what Santa gave you guys this year ;) 

My sweet mother got me a lovely coat that I really wanted, but, sadly, my petite figure looked oh-so-petite in it lol and it was kinda pricey, so we'll probably return it :( 

And yeah.

Idk what else is new. Haven't talked to you guys in a while, but a lot's been going on, so you know the drill.

I'll try again tomorrow! 

Peace and love!
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