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I think Tyler is one of my favourite character I’ve ever written and he’s not even a love interest. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HOLLY <3

Holly Alexander; December 17

“Happy Birthday Holly.” Were the first words that greeted me as I stepped into the living room, hollered at me by none other than Carson.

“Good morning.” I raised an eyebrow at his uncharacteristic exuberance. At least around little old me.

“You’re up early.” Tyler comments through a mouthful of toast.

“It’s not that early.” I pointed out, coming to sit on the breakfast bar thing in between the two of them.

“It’s 8. You’re never up before 10 at the absolute earliest.” Carson accuses and wow where did he even get all his energy today? 

“I have to go to breakfast with my mother.” I told them with a shrug, swinging my legs backwards and forwards.

“Explains the skirt.” Evie chimed up and honestly I didn’t even know she was here. Turning around I noticed she hadn’t actually been here and was sticking her head into the room sort of leaning on the doorframe. A horrible terrible eavesdropper that one.

“I don’t even know what you’re going on about.” I retorted because well I actually didn’t even know the relevance of the skirt. I wore skirts and dresses enough. Not as much as shorts but not rarely.

“Whatever I’ve got to run.” To work I guess she meant, “I’ll see you this evening though Holly and happy birthday.” She said in a rush straightening herself up.

“Thanks Evie.” I called as she left, unable to resist adding, “And I’ll see your brother as well hopefully.” Actually I knew it for a fact (well I was 90% sure but whatever)

“I’m happy for you.” Her reply floated back through the house, “But no details.” Followed by the sound of the door opening and closing.

“So do you need a lift?” Tyler asked out of the blue and it actually took me a few seconds to realise he meant to meet my mum. He could be offering out of a birthday spirit but I was more inclined to believe he wanted to lecture me or something. My very own Birthday lecture.

“Nah I’m good.” I shook my head, “Mums actually coming to pick me up.”

“I’m really surprised you’re not sleeping till midday though.” Carson spoke up, apparently still stuck on that detail.

“Well my options were breakfast with my mother or having her at my party.” Carson flinched in sympathy at that, “You can see why I made the sacrifice.”

“It was the only option,” Carson nodded sagely, “to ensure my enjoyment. There’s no way I can get sloshed in front of your parents.”

“Oh yeah?” I raised an eyebrow, “If you think you can’t get hammered imagine how it’d be for me.”

“Or you could both just drink responsibly.” That earned Tyler matching glares from the two of us.

My phone rang with a text then, alerting me to the fact mum was here.

“Well as fun as this chat has been lads I have to run.” I grinned, pecking them both on the cheek before hopping off the counter.

“Hey Holly.” Tyler called when I’d almost left the room, “This afternoon did you invite umm what’s his name?”

“Who?” I asked, guessing who he was probably asking about.

“That’s why I asked you his name.” He rolled his eyes, “The guy from Thursday.”

“Oh Dylan.” I said, which is exactly where I thought this was going. “No.”

“Ok.” I turned to leave again, this time I’d left the room when he called me back. I rolled my eyes before turning back towards him, “yes?”

“Happy Birthday.”

I stood by the side of the pool, drinking a Corona and surveying my lovely low key party. Everyone seemed to be having fun which we were celebrating me, of course it was gonna happen. Even the crazy people in the pool, I mean it was a pool party and I was wearing a cute swimsuit under my sheer blouse but I wasn’t going near the water.

“Hello love.” An arm wrap around my waist all of a sudden startling me. It was Benny. Of course it was Benny. “Enjoying yourself?”

“I’m celebrating me of course I’m enjoying myself.” I sniffed, turning round to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Of course you are. Standing off in the corner all by yourself.” His arm was still wrapped around my waist and usually I’d say it was overstepping a boundary but whatever it was my birthday.

“Maybe I was just waiting for you then.” I said lowering my voice.

“Oh yea.” He smirked playing along.

“Or maybe I was just admiring how much fun everyone is having because of me.” I told him, trying not to laugh.

“You are full of it you know.” He laughed but not at me which was a first really.

“It’s my god given talent.” I laughed as well before we settled and watched everyone else.

“Happy Birthday.” He finally said, as we watched Carson try and pull Lou unwillingly into the pool.

“Thanks Babe.” I twisted round so I could grin up at him.

“I feel like I should have got you a present.” He said, which was sweet and unexpected, “But I didn’t know what.”

“Your lovely presence is all I’ll ever need.” I responded teasingly because well if I’d invited a boy for gifts it would not have been Benny.

“I insist.”

“Well if you insist.” I said consideringly, turning round and taking a step back so I was facing him and his arms were no longer around my waist “I think I want a kiss.”

“I’ll just go get one of your house mates then.” He teased

“No silly, from you.” I rolled my eyes since well he knew that’s what I meant.

“Well.” He said pretending to think about it, like we hadn’t kissed at the cricket, “I suppose since it is your birthday I can manage.”

Then he leant down and kissed me. When we broke away I shot Evie a mocking triumphant look (which she just rolled her eyes at) before he was kissing me again. Picking me up this time (which surprised me because he’s not a big guy. Then again I’m not a big girl)

I should have been suspicious then really. Except I wasn’t I just kept kissing him.

Until suddenly we were in the pool (I was still fully dressed over my bathers) and everyone was laughing as I coughed and splutered.

Really I should have seen it coming.

I’m sure everyone else did
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