Name: Patrick Kenneth
Age: 17
Weapon of choice: Lighter/matches
Character Model: Dylan O'Brien
Patrick was born and raised in Danville, CA along with his boyfriend Caleb. They were childhood best friends turned sweethearts and were blissfully happy until Caleb was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Patrick went to the crash sight that night and set fire to the wreck of Caleb's car. It was a rush, heady and addictive. Patrick decided to do it again...and again...and again. Every night he would sneak out and set another fire; abandoned cars, boarded up houses, piles of leaves and twigs in forest clearings when he couldn't find anything else. He didn't sleep- couldn't sleep, so he wrote letters to Caleb. Everything he wanted to say to him- everything he could never say to him now. He'd had enough of Danville though; it reminded him of Caleb everywhere he went. He packed his bags and took his dog Nina to Arizona. He lived alone except for Nina in a shitty apartment still leaving every night to set another fire in another place. He was sitting in the front yard of a house he'd set alight when he was joined on either side by two people. They talked to him about their past, told him about their lives and he knew they understood. Understood what it was like to love somebody so wholly and completely that you weren't you without them. They knew that Patrick would never really be himself ever again but they were willing to take in the broken, burnt remains and help him keep himself stitched together in the way he'd never been able to manage by himself. He went to his apartment, packed his bags and Nina into their car and went with them to become a part of the company...
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