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Your Supernatural Life Challenge

There is no time limit, just let me know when you finish the challenge and I will add you to the wall. :) AND if you have any ideas for challenges, message me and I will gladly add them. You can make the sets as artsy as you want but please try to add some sort of fashion if you can (unless stated otherwise!!! BTDUBS YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO 30 (of your choice) SETS TO MAKE THE WALL. [The rest are completely up to you!) [Note if you CHOSE to do more than thirty you get extra credit!) Wall of Fame 1) phreak http://www.polyvore.com/your_supernatural_life_challenge/group.show?id=134810 2)x-here-today-gone-tomorrow-x http://www.polyvore.com/my_supernatural_life_challenge...sonia_evain/collection?id=1859907 2) caddow http://www.polyvore.com/your_supernatural_life_challenge/collection?id=2472614 -Introduction Set (*Mandatory*) Name, And A Few Fun Facts About Yourself. -Why You Are A Hunter Set -Your First Hunt Set -Your Hunt Of Choice Set -Your Wendigo Hunt Set -Your Ghost Hunt Set -Your Werewolf Hunt Set -Your Vampire Hunt Set -Your Hunting Car Set -What's On Your Radio Set -Your Supernatural Boyfriend/Girlfriend Set -Your Supernatural Father-Figure Set -Your Supernatural Enemy Set -Your Supernatural Guardian Angel Set -Your Favorite Horseman Set -Your Favorite Demon Set -Your Favorite God (Hammer Of The Gods, OR Any Other God Mentioned In The Series) Set -You As A Vampire Set -You As A Ghost Set -You As Azazel Chosen or You As A Psychic Set -Your Panic Room Set (This Should Be An Interior Design Set, Not Fashion!) -Your Supernatural Motel Room (Again, This Should Also Be A An Interior Design Set) -Going To A Bar Set (This Can Be Fashion OR Interior Design) -How You Die Set -Meeting Your Reaper/Moving On Set -Your Hunter's Funeral Set -How You Came Back To Life Set -Your Time In Hell Set -Your Time In Heaven Set -Who Would You Sell Your Soul For Set -Your Sent To The Past (Where Were You Sent And Why?) Set -How You Met The Winchesters Set -Your Reaction When The Winchesters Come To You For Help On A Hunt Set -When You Save The Winchesters Set -When the Winchesters Save You Set -The Biggest Secret You Kept From The Winchester Set -Your First Time Driving The Impala Set -Your Reaction To John Dying Set -How You Met Bobby Singer -You And The Roadhouse -Your Reaction To Sam's Death Set -Your Reaction To Dean Selling His Soul Set -How You Met the Ghostfacers -Your Reaction To Dean Dying Set -How You Tried To Bring Him Back Set -What You Did While He Was In Hell Set -Your Reaction When He Comes Back Set -How You Met Castiel Set -How You Stopped Lilith From Breaking A Seal Set -Your Reaction To Adam Set -What Do You Do To Fight The Apocalypse Set -Your Future In The End Set --Your Poker Game With Patrick (The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester) Set -How You Met Gabriel Set -What T.V. Role(s) Were You In Changing Channels Set -Your Addiction In My Bloody Valentine Set -What You Do The Year Sam Is Gone Set -Death Of A Friend Set
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