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There is this guy I quite fancied from last term. And at the beginning of this term we hooked up. And i was all fine with it. We talked once then again. He text me. But he is really into hip hop in stuff so he talks in that way ,which I don't mind because half the time i talk in that way and most of my friends enjoy hip hop but anyhow. I kind forgot about him. But recently i had a wet dream about him and now I am listening to his radio show (which he told me to listen to like 4 times already) and ehm...HIS MUSIC TASTE IS SO PERF.
I knew this but then i forgot. omg and he was so cute on the show. But i can't like him. i just can't 
because he doesn't give a shit about me and i know it but he is just cute and his music taste is perfection and bro he reads poetry.
I love me some poetry. URGHHHH
I can't like him.
I just can't.
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