Is it possible to be in love with a set? Because I am with this one and I have no shame telling the poly world. Anywho Sienna is my new BAI character (just so you know I made her nickname Mickey) and here’s some links to get to know her better:
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October 24, 2011

“We have a busy week ahead of us with the new accounts so interns I need you to be on top of your game. From here on out it’ll be a lot more design work for you guys than just office work and errands.” I glanced at the other interns in excitement; after a year of doing nothing but getting lunches, making copies and taking notes at meetings we were finally going do what we got a degree for.

I focused my attention back on Jamie as he finished up the meeting with some words of encouragement before letting us go. I scanned the paper that was thrust in front of me by one of the designers outlining my responsibilities for the week. 

“So what’d you get?” Felicity, a short plump intern with a ridiculous Minnie Mouse voice, asked from behind me while looking over my shoulder.

“Ah some small things here and there, I’m pretty excited.”

I didn’t need all the other interns knowing about what I was getting to do, I mean it was really sort of a competition with us. We all knew at the end of this year Jamie would choose only two of the five interns to stay on his team as full fledge designers so even though we were all friendly, there was definitely an undercurrent of tension between us.

Getting back to my desk I finished the text I started for a late lunch date then took the time to really look at what I was doing this week.

Most of it was just assisting Whitney, a senior designer with her projects but I did have a chance to design a nursery for a young couple in Brooklyn. The consultation was tomorrow and I could already imagine what I wanted to do to make a statement and show Jamie that I should definitely be one of the interns sticking around. 

The little blurb written about them wasn’t much to go by but it was enough to get started on some rough sketches that I’d perfect later on tonight. The time slipped away and before I knew it I was rushing out the door trying to hail a cab.

Landmarc was filled with the usual business types but my lunch date stuck out like a sore thumb, making it easy to find her.

“Since when has Daria Coppola ever been early, things really have changed.” Daria’s head sprung up before she jumped from her seat, wrapping her arms around me.

“Mickey, holy sh.t it’s been too long my love.” 

We stayed like that for a while before the waitress cleared her throat and we realized we were causing a scene. The reminiscing started almost immediately as we tore into our smoked mozzarella & ricotta fritter appetizers and it wasn’t long before we were in tears from all the laughter. Our fathers met sometime in college so though we weren’t brought up closely together, we were always there at benefit dinners or society events making fun of anyone and anything. We kept in contact through our college years, though her busy schedule definitely made it hard to get together as much as I would’ve liked.

By the time our entrees arrived we were finally all caught up with everything that’s been going on.

“I just still can’t imagine she has cancer, I used to think she was like supermom when I was a kid.”

“Yeah, it’s still something I haven’t wrapped my head around.” I noticed the melancholy tone her voice took and rushed to change the subject.

“But this engagement, I mean damn woman who would’ve thunk it.”

She laughed into her cocktail. “What’d you mean, you didn’t think I’d be getting married or you didn’t think I’d get married to Jake?”

I had to think about that one, I mean I wasn’t around when they had their falling out but I knew the general context. I didn’t hate Jake, I guess I just needed to get to know him better so with that in mind I decided to play it a bit safe with my answer; no need to bash someone’s fiancé when I didn’t even know them.

“I just didn’t see you as the marrying type, doing the whole shebang especially since you’re both celebrities so it won’t be a small affair; you’ve changed Coppola.” 

She rolled her eyes, “I haven’t changed, I’m just growing up.”

“Blah, growing up is overrated. I’m sticking with my lifelong goal I created when I was seven,” At her inquisitive stare I raised my drink in a toast. “To never to become a housewife.”

She busted out laughing and I couldn’t help but join her.

yeah this sucked but i haven't written in a while so sue me...
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