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November 9, 2013

Song of the day: Me & My Girls - Fifth Harmony

Hello! So it's been quite some time since I've been on here...

Don't hate me.

I haven't forgotten about Polyvore, I swear. I've just been super busy.

Update on my life:
1) I've applied to college! Wooo! But, that was only for my early choice, so I've still got a ton more to go for regular admissions. Oy. That'll be fun. I seriously feel like high schools need to put a moratorium on schoolwork until all of our college apps are in. I mean that'd be nice. Juggling college apps is like taking on another course. Or five.
2) My Halloween was fantastic. My friends and I were Despicable Me minions (as I think I mentioned before), and we put the costume together ourselves (I think DIY costumes are always so much cuter than store bought ones!), and people loved it, so that was fun. And we had a sleepover the night before because the seniors in our school always have a Halloween breakfast, so we all went together and it was adorable. What were you guys?
3) Kinda late, I know, but... I'm loving Lorde's new album.
4) So who's been watching The Voice this season? My favorite is Caroline Pennell. I adore her voice. And apparently, she went to the same sleepaway camp as two girls in my grade, so they're friends with her, which I'm kinda really jealous about. Lol. Can you imagine if one of your friends just went on a show like The Voice, or the X Factor, or whatever, and suddenly became famous?! That'd be insane. That's kinda on my bucket list. To see someone I know go on one of these shows and kill it. Haha.
5) I watched Argo last night, and it was so intense. Loved it.
6) Sigh. I'd love to wear an outfit like the one in this set. I'm really loving this overall trend, which is why I was obviously elated about wearing overalls for my minion costume ;)

Hmm I don't know what else. I suppose I should go work on more college apps... Sigh.

Before I leave, a QOTD: What's your favorite word and why?

And I'm dedicating this set to all the people on here I love and miss: @hortensie @luxecouture @hijabikebabi @limabean-347 @frenchkitty @ashley-rebecca @raisng614 @raison-d-etre @bestdressx @sophiaspastic @elsewhere69 @bittersweet89 and I'm totally forgetting a ton of people here, I'm sure, but, really, I love and miss all of you! 

Hope everyone's well!

Tell me stories. What's been going on in your lives?

'Til next time!
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