One day I will own that dress! x)

Soooo, super busy as per usual! I got all my uni work over and it felt so amazing....then I've gone back this week for the new semester and I've literaly got such an incredible amount of work already!! It's just insane! Erghhh...whatevs, better just get on with I guess! But I've got a bit of time tonight so I'm gunna try and get my tags done (I think I have about a million I haven't done yet, hope I can find 'em! :s)

Also, just a quick question for my lovely American there any of you that know of any university's in the US that offer postgraduate script/performance/creative writing courses? Because for my last year at uni we have to go off to another campus and it can be anywhere and any subject so long as it's a creative industry subject, and I thought that although I'm training to be an actress, I would love to try something different and try do some writing....because I love writing (can you tell?^^ hahaha) And I have this slight obsession/dream of wanting to go live in America because I just adore every single thing about it, so if I could study my last year over there it would be fab! =) I've done a bit of research on university's in the US but haven't had much luck so if any of you guys could help me out that would be great! =)
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