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Intro to Hadley Porter for BCCG!

NAME; hadley porter, 21 
MAJOR; health
HOMETOWN; pheonix, arizona
BIO; hadley is not who you would want to tend to you in the hospital. Her bedside manor would be horrible. But it is a good thing that hadley has no intrest in becoming a simple nurse. Hadley would like to be a neurosurgeon which requires no people skills. A good thing too, hadley isn't a very pleasant. Only a few people can stand her constant onslaught of snarky comments. And not to mention that hadley isn't even sober most of the time. She doesn't believe in social drinking, thinks that is for prickks who are fake. So in her mind being intoxicated most of the time is real. She comes to class hungover most of the time but some how hadley still maintains her perfect gpa. It astounds the other students and her teachers that she even made it into yale. But the truth is hadley wasn't like this before coming to yale. She was actually a very clean cut good girl from pheonix. But something happened in the middle of hadley's first year that changed her. She exchanged her occasional sip of wine to an unhealthy amount of vodka. Not even those closest to her know why, and if you ask her she just gets mad and marches off to her room. So the question is what exactly did happen to this girl her freshman year?
MODEL; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
TAKEN BY; @luxecouture
COLLECTION; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1265700

Don't really care who you all are, but I'm Hadley. And if you want to know more about me, Facebook-stalk me. Because that's better than really stalking me, freaks. 
xx Hadley

[yeah so Hadley is not a people-person and she's not very nice but she does need some friends! So comment below what you think your character should be with Hadley!]
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