Little Talks // Of Monsters and Men

@silver-sparrow - Read my little description at the bottom about the deer picture I used, since I know it's so disturbing and sad?

Instructions: In this battle, you will need to make a black and green set in any style you please. 
Show how the forest is changing, how it is 'turning black from those killing machines'. 

✓Include your animal, as always. [dragonfly]
✓Include a Dirty Paws lyric [You're gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear.]
✓Five segments of cropping 

✓Two points upon entering.
✓Two extra points for tagging your team.

01- @her-heart-attack- 35
03- @i-eat-zombies69 - 29
04- @quietcountrymouse- 37
05- @i-talk-to-trees- 32 
06- @love-aubrey- 15 xxx
07- @deborah-p- 23
08- @camiiiii- 08 xx
09- @vulture- 30 x
10- @elaine-elizabethxo- 18
✓Two points for including another team's animal that you feel a little partial to. [I choose a deer, I love them. I know the pic I included is so depressing and gory, but I felt that it fit into the whole "destroying the forest" theme, as animals homes are being destroyed as well.]
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