You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone - Anna Kendrick
i absolutely love that song and I can't stop singing it. c; i'm not so coordinated i learned how to do the cups along with it - though it sounds pretty good even with my bronchitis. :p but hey! i can still hang out with my friends because i take z-pac and its not contagious WHOOH! cx

how has your morning been? still have the problems from last night, i'd love if you put those problems in my secret safe inbox just so i can help you. c:

- shanni.♥

@thatseananonymous lil' sean mwuffin. ♥
@hunter-carson96 you are turning into a brotha. cx
@itsclarkan0n so this bitchh is perfect, and i have the biggest girl crush ever on her. #lesbehonestnow and IF YOU FUCKINN HURT HER IN ANY FUCKKING WAY I WILL FUCKK YOU UP. ♥♥♥♥♥

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