Damon: “You’re here, it’s about time.”
Alaric: “You didn’t have anyone else to call?”
Damon: “No, actually, I don’t. Because I need a non-vampire to get in the cave…and other than Elena, you’re pretty much the only one I trust.”
Alaric: “Well you have a crappy way of showing that.”
Damon: “If Mason Lockwood can get over the fact that I killed him…can’t you cut me a little slack, Ric?”
Alaric: “I shouldn’t have to get over it! I was your friend, Damon. You shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”
Damon: “Well…sometimes…I do things I don’t have to do.”
Alaric: “You’re gonna recycle that same crap a$s apology you gave Mason Lockwood?”
Damon: “Yeah well, I didn’t mean it with him.”
-Ric&Damon, Ghost World Episode

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