okay well first of all: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.
Happy National Star Wars Day.
I just love Star Wars okay.


This set is dedicated to my 2 favorite series: 
Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

I'm just super angst-y right now okay. I apologize. I'm bad with handling feelings.

It's just that I have to go on a stupid class trip with half of my stupid classmates and all my friends are ditching me so I'm stuck with these kids that I hate that also hate me.
Life = over.
And I'm angry okay.
And also I'm having problems internally and I want to run away and I made an escape plan and I just think about running away a lot. And I just want to run away and escape all of my problems.
Oh, and also, earlier today, I was shooting arrows with my bow and I shot at my window and now there's a crack in the glass and my mother will kill me when she sees it. So I'm gonna go with my bow and arrows and camp out outside. Might as well get used to the outdoors incase I ever do end up running away.
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