+Larraine Spencer
+Happily Never After
+No Consequences by Versaemerge

Name: Larraine 'Rae' Spencer
Age: 18
Based on: Princess Ozma [Land of Oz]
Believer or non-believer: Believer
Likes (at least 6): Equality, having a lot of friends, old books, piano, snow, clothes, nature, fairies 
Dislikes (at least 6): Fighting, opinionated people, alcohol, reckless people, the dark, sneakers, a lot of jewelry 
Occupation (if applicable): None
Personality: Larraine is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. She loves to be around people. She loves to rule and take charge, but she is never bossy or overbearing. Rae is constantly looking out for the well-being of other people, and that’s why so many people flock to her for comfort or advice.
Bio: Larraine, or Rae, is a very complex person. Her mother died during childbirth and her father, devastated, never remarried. Rae craved the companionship of a brother or sister – or even a friend – but that was something that she never got. She was practically alone, and began envisioning ‘friends’ that were actually fairies, to keep her company. She would dress up in a dress and tiara and wings and pretend to be one of them. To this day, in the back of Rae’s mind, she still believes that her fairies were real, but she has no real proof of that. When Larraine was sixteen, her father passed away, leaving her an orphan. With nowhere to go, she wandered the woods for weeks. And then she met a lumberjack who lived in the woods, and they were instantly in a whirlwind relationship. They fought constantly, as much as she hated fighting, but there was something about him that brought out the worst in her. Larraine left, only to soon find out she was pregnant with his child. So she went back to him because in her heart, it was the right thing to do for their unborn child. Larraine spends her days playing songs that she’s created on the piano, reading the dusty books from the library, and talking walks through the woods. She does not associate herself with anyone who is marked a ‘wild child’ i.e. who drinks, does drugs, or sleeps around. Rae is as good of a person as they get. But even though she’s good, she can’t help but feel like there’s something more out there for her, more than being a mother and a housewife. She wants to rule. 
Relationship status: In an on-again, off-again relationship
Model: Ginta Lapina
Taken by: @buds-over-studs

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