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so, hi, I haven't been on here in awhile :3 I apologize, but school's been killing me. I haven't written in forever, I've hardly had the time, but gosh, do I miss it. this summer I'm planning on writing a lot more though, it helps me so much but lately I haven't been inspired and like I said, school has been keeping me far too busy. 
But just a few key points as to what's been going on in my life lately:
• school is killing me (as previously mentioned)
• I may get out of school later this year due to the snow days -.- 
• I'm getting sick of the snow
• I'm going to see Demi Lovato on March 1st! ♡ any of you guys going? 
• I'm also going to New York City for a weekend ♡
• and I'm going to Atlantic City for like a day in April
• I don't think I'm going anywhere for this summer break, but I'm hoping to go to Spain next summer so yay
• I've been going to the gym with my friends lately and I really like it
• I really miss writing and I have this great roleplay written up but I don't even want to waste my time. maybe summer? I don't know… I miss writing so much though. 
• and yeah that's about it because my life is boring

so that's my life for the most part.
I miss you guys.
xx d
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