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So much has happened in the past 24 hours...

~Went to an insanely awesome party

~I stayed up all night and am so sleep deprived....

~I stayed up all night with a boy, an extremely attractive and adorable boy :)

~I got kissed by extremely attractive and adorable boy :D

~I haven't known him for that long but it was nicest thing that's happened to me in the longest time.

~After several hours of begging and pleading, I convinced my parents that I should be allowed to bring him on my house boat trip so I won't be alone.

~But the plan above might fail because his mother hasn't decided if he can go or not...

~Oh yeah, the trip's tomorrow and I haven't even started packing

So yeah. That's my life right now.
It's pretty freaking awesome :)
But if he can't go I might just have to kill myself... or lock myself in my room for a week with nothing but netflix and cookie dough.

So I need your guy's advice:
One of the reason's he might not go is because his 18th birthday is on Tuesday. If he does come, I feel kind of bad that he's not going to spend it with his other friends and family so I wanted to do something special.
Any suggestions? :)
Keep in mind I'm kind of stuck on a boat... haha.
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