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"Guess what's coming up?" Thomas asked me as we sat at the kitchen table, sipping hot tea and getting ready to go find a Christmas tree to put in the living room. We usually got a plastic one that lasted, but Charli had insisted on buying a real one this year.

It seemed like everything was about Charli, lately.

"What?" I asked him innocently, knowing the answer. In a little over a week, it would be Thomas and I's two-year anniversary and I had been hiding Thomas' present for weeks.

Thomas' eyes smiled as did his lips. "It's a surprise, I can't tell you!" He grabbed his tea from the table and stood up, smirking. "We should go find that tree."

"Oh, Thomas, come on! I hate surprises!" I whined through a grin. "And the baby doesn't like surprises either!" 

Thomas touched my round bump, which was due in less than a month. "I think she does."

"She does not, she's not going to be Daddy's little girl, I already told you that!" I laughed, swatting his hand away. "Now tell me!"

"Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." Thomas shrugged, pulling on his coat and starting for the front door. He glanced back at me and smirked again, opening the door for me.

"We're leaving Charli!" I called up the stairs. She was coming with us, if she wanted a real tree.

Charli came rumbling down the stairs, wearing a fuzzy beanie, an ugly Christmas sweater, knee-high Uggs, and a bright smile. "Ready!"

"Oh, God," I said, turning away and going straight for the car. Thomas chuckled behind me, and Charli only said, "I just love Christmas!"

Once we got to the tree lot, Charli was more giddy than ever. She hopped right out of the car and grabbed my hand. "Come on Oli, the best ones are always in the back."

"Sure they are," I announced loudly, hoping Thomas heard me and could save me.

"I'll be there in a second," Thomas told us, pulling out his cell phone from his pocket and leaning against the car door.

"I'll catch up," I told Charli, swiftly hiding behind a huge conifer tree. Charli looked at me quizzically before shrugging and walking toward the back of the lot without me.

Yes, I was acting like a child, but I was dying to know what Thomas was hiding from me. Maybe he was calling to check on the cruise tickets he had got us for our anniversary! Or wait, no, I couldn't go on a cruise... I couldn't even fly... Maybe it was a romantic stay at that bed and breakfast down the road?

"Hey Andrea," Thomas said into his phone. I scrunched my eyebrows. Who the h*ll was Andrea?!

"Yeah, yeah. So it'll be ready by December 11th right?" He asked, voice hushed. 

Yes, December 12th was our anniversary! This was going to be good.

"No... They have to all be white roses, those are her favorite. No red. Yes, okay... No later than four, maybe five if I don't get the chance." Thomas nodded, his breath swirling in the cold. "Okay, great. Thank you. Yes, see you then."

I bit my lip excitedly. White roses! What was he planning, a canopy of roses to go with that James Avery necklace I had been eyeing? Oh, I could hardly wait!

I quickly, well as quickly as a waddle could go, shuffled a few feet ahead, pretending to be intrigued by a short, stubby tree with barely any needles left. 

Thomas came up beside me. "This one sucks, Liv."

I laughed, high-pitched. "Oh, yeah. Well, I just wanted to be like Charlie Brown this year, don't you think? Anyway, who were you on the phone with?"

Thomas examined the trees around us. "No one."

I raised an eyebrow. "Perhaps your mistress?"

Thomas laughed softly. "Yeah, totally."

"Well, who was it then?" I asked, pushing it.

"That's for me to know and you to find out!" Thomas replied, smiling slyly. "Now where's Charli?" 

I smiled. Thomas thought he had me fooled, but little did he know just how sneaky a pregnant Olivia Cunningham was! I couldn't wait for our anniversary, I was also good at faking excitement over white roses.

This was going to be the best December ever. Our anniversary, the baby, and Christmas.

What could go wrong?

{comment if you read please! Sorry I didn't include anyone, I kinda referenced OTH with Haley and Nathan though, if anyone caught it haha.}
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