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Even tough lately I've been professing my undying love for AJ, Minho's still my lovely boyfriend... LOL 
I haven't watched his drama yet -I don't want to see Sulli's face and be disappointed over his acting skills xD- but again I lately feel like doing so! blame it to my desperation and the fact I'm starting school soon but I find myself trying to do something but just being completely unable to move!! I just don't know what to do cause there's not much to do either and on top of that -and since I have enough time to sulk all by myself- I have to reconsider my depth of loyalty towards someone i think hasn't been as loyal to me as I used to believe... confusing I know... the fact is usually I'd talk about this with either my sister or with Stephanie but now both of them seem to be busy with school and work, I haven't talked to them in about 2 weeks! which is a new record, probably it's also the fact the microphone of my laptop got spoiled and we can't skype without me having to hold a microphone and completely stop my activities just to sit in front the computer ¬_¬ 
Well, that would be the perfect pretext to go out with my 'friends' who in their majority are nowhere to be found! but I find myself being all critic and annoying lately, like if the slightest contact with humans would ruin my mood. Idk... I just... ugh. 
Can't wait to start school so I have my mind occupied and stop having free time to question myself and analyse my behavior LOL 

ok, anyway, please join the contest!
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