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LOL forever at the title... It's 3 am and here I am with an unusual hyperactivity and 'inspiration'. I wrote a long post about u-kiss and even decided to challenge myself and I'm drawing Kiseop to please my sister
 yeah, I was gifted with some inspiration for the day -even though I must be sleeping- so here's my long post about my beloved u-kiss, you don't have to read it though, i just wrote it because I suddenly felt like it, but if you read it don't mind all the mistakes I probably did... as you may know by now have such clumsy fingers and always make typos! LOL ^_^

Once I managed to overcome all my fan girl stage and finally came back to my five senses to act like the normal person I’m most of the time, I sat down in front of the computer, willing to once again watch the MV –this time excluding all the gasps, silly smiles, giggles and shudders from the previous times- in a serious mode, like the intelligent and focused person I used to be in the past –and I say ‘used to’ because specially since last year I’ve been acting all compulsively and behaving like the ridiculous teenager I never -not even during my teen years- was, drooling over sexy Korean idols; blame it to the fact I spent one year without studying before coming to France and all the free time I got to without any worry, watch dramas, music videos, read long fan accounts and interviews, stalk my idols on twitter and all those chores that come along once you decided to tag yourself as a ‘k-pop fan’. So going back to the MV the first thing I’d like to say it’s that I’m not an expert on visual material; I in fact felt asleep more than once next to my sister when she had to make movie analysis as assignments for university but I’m not so oblivious to the basics in visual art –after all I’m studying Fashion Design- and it’s not necessary to be an expert anyways when as arrogant this could sound, you have good taste, so basically I decided to make an attempt on focusing in the aesthetic part of the video instead of keeping my eyes glued to the screen or rather to my beloved guys, who -I need to tell it- for this comeback had put a lot of extra effort on looking good. My first impression after watching the video for the first time was like ‘OMG what is air?’ but now, more relaxed and putting aside all my possible ridiculous reactions I think to myself, does it remind me to something? Does it look familiar? And then I realize that it’s probably that I get the same feeling while watching a fashion add, it’s classy, yet so simple and kind of irrelevant at first sight, but again, there must be some kind of meaning behind, I refuse to believe that the chess pieces, the background in the scenes, the expensive-looking chandeliers, are just decoration. After one hour of my I-can-read-Korean act, and not without struggling a lot to understand the song by myself -half succeeding and half recurring to the wonder of translators- I finally understand the whole thing. The song is about being trapped into a relationship, a useless relationship that leads nowhere, a relationship on which both of the parts involved pretend to love each other when both of them know that it’s not the case, I feel an immediate connection with the lyrics, a plus –and another reason to love the song-. So now, I understand the concept of the video, playing chess=taking the relationship as a game, not the best idea they could have come to with such lyrics but quite good nonetheless; it could have become another typical k-pop video and another typical u-kiss video, but why do I find it so different? It’s their first b/w video but it doesn’t mean anything, what makes this video different are all those feelings the guys transmit. Starting with Hoon at the beginning of the video with what I would consider a respectful scene coming from him –who is probably my least favorite member of U-kiss- his impressive vocals and of course a great work from the stylist. Then comes Kiseop showing off his coordinate and precise dances movements, with a nice outfit and the vocals we’ve been forbidden to enjoy in their past songs –another plus-. It makes me feel proud if I compare his screen time in the past videos. Eli and Dongho managed to look good despite their ‘edgy’ hairstyles, -yeah, I’m calling those hairstyles ‘edgy’ because it seems that lately people use that word to praise horrible clothes they don’t even like, but they consider them ‘so fashionable’ just because they don’t have the courage to accept their idols wore an horrendous outfit, so yeah, I don’t want to accept that I dislike the rappers hairstyles, instead I call them ‘edgy’- Again, who cares about a hairstyle that can be styled nicely during live performances like –thanks God- Eli’s was or a rather unnoticeable extension on Dongho’s head? No one as long as they can show smooth dance and great rap, right? Although I’ve noticed it already, Eli just ended by convincing me that he’s sexy, his expressions almost made me shudder, yet I burst in stupid giggles thinking about my sister’s possible reaction. Baby Dongho is all grown up now, even though it has already been said million times now, with Stop Girl –and of course without that horrible thing attempting to hide his handsome features- I got the feeling that cute maknae is already gone forever, it should make me feel sad, but instead I feel glad and it just reminded me why I’ve always looked up at him as an inspiration, I feel like a proud mom, even though he’s just a year younger than me. But as much as I love Kevin and I adore his beautiful face I somehow feel he spoiled the video with his solo scenes where he –I don’t even know how to explain this- looks weird…forget it, he made it up in his dance part with the girl –who not only looks fab with that simple dress, but also left me quite pleased with her dancing. Another plus.- 
Then… the leader. I keep asking myself why didn’t I notice this earlier but how does it come Soohyun has gotten so handsome lately? I noticed that he lost some weight but probably it’s just the fact I can’t stop myself from idealizing him as a very nice person, whatever it is, the fact it’s he has impressed me this time, he looks manly, handsome and on top of that his voice would melt the poles –wait, that last part was so cheesy and ridiculous, just ignore that. I’ll just say that my favorite parts of the video include Soohyun, I love his expressions while singing, he’s the one who display the emotions of the song the best. He should try acting! 
LOL! But seriously when he appears on screen, look at his expression, he looks like if his heart is hurting badly! And talking about broken hearts, my heart hurts just thinking about this amazing comeback and how perfect it’d have been with AJ T_T I won’t deny I miss him already soooo much! But well, going back to the video, I think that it’s so delicate that it’s obvious –after the kind of flawed Believe MV- that they put a lot of effort and were extra careful in this video, I love how the lack of colors just make it look even better instead of looking empty or incomplete, and the illumination? the lights were definitely used to give an extraordinary effect to the whole thing! –yet another plus- For the first time I felt like showing a u-kiss video to my friends –who of course had already been pestered with my u-kiss obsession before-, gaining –for the first time- good results, from my African friend replying ‘Omg! Can’t believe I find hot a group of Asian guys dancing!’ to my famous Peruvian friend’s ‘Why aren’t they more popular?!’ rant, which coming from her, was truly a miracle, knowing her undying love for refined brands and her admiration for Chanel’s creative: Karl Lagerfeld. I sincerely let out a scream when she told me ‘You know, even though I know you love them and you’ll still like them even if they do wear a plastic bag and dance in a pool with frogs and ducks, I have to objectively say that I keep freaking out whenever I see their videos, I can’t believe I don’t find weird that this guy Kevin use eyeliner, instead I think it suits him very well and the choreography is smooth, I love the clothes, the scenography, the decoration, the lighting, the general production looks so flawless, I love the song.’ I think I almost cry in happiness, she even offered herself as a possible manager for the group if they ever decide to promote in America! LOL. But yet again it’s probably just me and the fact I’ve been talking about them non stop to her past months so she finally gave up and fell for their charms. I wouldn’t be surprised if G would come with his usual ‘all their songs sound the same for me, all of them look the same for me, just Big Bang it’s so incredible, awesome and perfect that no one else on Earth apart from them is relevant’ speech to destroy my happiness. Yeah, probably Big Bang is so amazing and wonderful and talented, I’m not saying they’re not, but it sincerely angers me that people keep comparing them and saying they’re better, of course they’re more popular but it doesn’t make them better or worst, they are just Big Bang, just like U-kiss is just U-kiss. Probably it’s because I feel such an admiration towards U-kiss and in general towards all k-pop groups and the whole Korean society to be sincere –I just can imagine my head exploding from the pressure and stress they have to overcome in their competitive society- but I feel deeply hurt –even though it’s childish- when people overlook at my guys, I’m aware they haven’t win any mutizen award, but now, after thinking about it deeply and in detail, what it really means? Is this award that important? I think the reply it’s a big NO, it’s nothing but a popularity ‘award’ that goes from group to group each week, it barely reflects the musical quality, it must be really important for artists and also pressuring to get one of those awards but next week everybody has forgotten about it, it’s nothing relevant, some cries, smiles, thanks to the fans but even so, it’s so superficial, surely it makes happy both the idol and the fans, but it truly means nothing. I want U-kiss to win, as I previously had said, not because I care about the award, but because I feel that it’s a big burden for them and just once I want them to experience it, however I’m realistic, as much as I like them I know it won’t happen now, but I don’t care because I’m sure something greater than a piece of crystal will come for them, their hard work, their pain will be rewarded, sooner or later, meanwhile all their fans will keep loyal and will support them no matter what because as they have already proven they will always keep growing up, they aren’t known as ‘weed idols’ a cause of drugs scandals –as my best friend teasingly insinuated, but because against all the forces even if people don’t appreciate their talent and they’re treated unfairly, they’ll try again and again, just because their desire of succeeding is stronger to their fear of failing.

ok, if you read throughout, thank you very much! I think I should have written a story instead lol
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