You're not supposed to cheer for murder.

My super villain style relies on extreme charisma and the belief that I am Extremely Important, a festering internal wrath that finally comes to manifest itself in the forms of doing very morally unjust things in the name of justice for just me, and driving very very badly.
My soundtracks:
A good day in the life of villainy:
And a bad one:
As usual, I have a lot snakes+a lot of artillery.
My first order of business would be murdering that d*ckwad who is trying to split CA into six states,
and then blowing up facebook HQ for fun.
I spend eqaul amounts of time between my Drug Lord Manor in Baja and driving up and down the west coast.


Wrote two years ago
No, I can totally relate!
But I think you blended them perfectly :)

Wrote two years ago
Oh hai guyz
@semper-eadem @vampirkaninchen @princess70xox Why thank you kindly
@youngandunafraid It was mostly just because I couldn't decide between overlord ruler, highway bandit, and dominaxtrix. Which sums up literally all my identity delimas, actually. But it kinda is supposed to be one thing. So I'm glad you think so.
@noceurs Don't give up, give in.
@marzipanniers Oooh, I would have loved to see that.

Wrote two years ago
Hot damn woman.

Wrote two years ago
*bows wordlessly*

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
It astounds me and also fills me with major envy, how you managed to fit all of these (at least IMO) different villain tropes into one collection and totally made them your bit.ches. Well done.

Wrote two years ago
This is so fucking perfect.
ALSO I had you in that yellow snake dress in a Busverse group doll that I scrapped a while ago! Now I'm bummed.

Wrote two years ago
I give up.

Wrote two years ago


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