God Nessa. Get that through your head already. It's never gonna change. No guy is special. It's always going to happen...


xXx Nessa xXx


Heshteg Sweg K®3W

+ @nialls-princess-babe { Jay } Hey baby. Um so I wanna say stuff here but it would be too long and personal so :3 pm meh babe ;P

+ @nakiaiya { Prince } You are now accepted into the krew! congrats!! cx hahaha but yeah um you're fab i'm so glad i know "it" lol no one's gonna know i swear :x I love you x

+ @madison-i you be ice bc you're cooler than cool ❤ awe awe awe you take such good care of me ily xD ❤

+ @crazy-book-worm you're ser cute and gorgeous and can i have your face like honestly < 3 haha but yeah you and Austin are sweg 

+ @your-awes0me-an0ns { Aussie } like actually though you are friggin awesome. And SEE I TOLD YOU YOU WOULDN'T BE FOREVER ALONE XD sO HA hahaha but yeah you're also fab. take care of Sammy c:

+ @littlemixlover73 { Lollipoop } you are my h0e shine my only h0e shine. you make me happyyyy when skies are grey xD JK JK BUT ILY BESTIEEEE < 3

+ @jadie-boo I love you my hoe b!tch whore xD hahaha and I will love you till the end of tiiiiime :3 hehe BEYONCÉ IN DA HOUSE cx lol LUFF CHU GURLIE

+ @theanons I LOVE YOU GUYS wey hey we can finally talk!! hehehe luff chuuuuus < 3

+ @aublovesross you are suchhhh a good frand and we should talk more gurl!! HOLLA AT ME

我 爱 你
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