"you're playing a dangerous game. we all are."

inspired by sarah j. maas' 'a court of thorns and roses,' which i just HAD to make a collection for.
Feyre: Frida Gustavsson
Tamlin: Liam Vandiar
Lucien: Lasse Pedersen
Rhysand: Leo Mangieri
Amarantha: Nicole Kidman/Charlize Theron
Alis: Maggie Smith

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Wrote one year ago
@jsh257; omg yesssss! Same thing happened to me! I'm trying to convince my sisters and best friend to read it but they haven't yet and I'm just sitting here like "hurry upppp I have so much to discuss!" :O
And thank you! Maybe sometime soon I'll make it into an rp.
@athousandshadesofblue; aaahhhhhh!!! That makes me so unbelievably happy/excited/ecstatic!! As soon as you finish reading it, tell me so we can discuss and fan girl haha you'll totally love it!

Wrote one year ago
I love this collection so much that I bought this book when I saw it today!

Wrote one year ago
Isnt this book just freaking phenomenal?! After I read it I went around and told everyone I knew about it, but you're the first person I've seen who actually seems to like it as much as I do :D
Great collection! And oh man I would LOVE for this to be an rp


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