~Hanson, And I Waited {love these brothers!}



^^^^^^^ THAT ABOVE IS MAKING ME EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE. I have been waiting for the trailer for what seems like forever, and oh my goodness my emotions I can't handle this... Logan is too perfect I just love him so much seriously he needs to marry me already, he's the perfect age and everything. Also Emma is just like, and Ezra and.... I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW. Now I can't judge the trailer properly because I have yet to read the book (I've been meaning to, and finally got around to buying it today) but I've heard so many good things about it and obviously the famous quotes (WHICH LOGAN SAYS IN THE TRAILER AND I'M JUST LIKE OH MY GOSH I'M DYING HERE) and wow I'm on major #fangirl mode right now... I'm sorry you all have to see me like this... But I get kinda obsessive over things like this... Gah, watch the trailer RIGHT NOW if you haven't already and tell me it doesn't look amazing. It does.

I'm trying to make a Perks set, with Logan and Emma in it, but I just can't do it justice. It looks quite terrible at the moment. I might publish it sometime this week, if I can get it to look okayish. 

As for this set, I'm loving those pictures of Olivia! #1 Style Icon for sure <33 she's a goddess! 

But seriously The Perks of Being A Wallflower... I'm gonna start the book like tonight (though I'm in the middle of Stolen by Lucy Christopher, which is amazing btw and I'm also in the middle of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, la love) but anyway I think the trailer looks so great and I can't handle it it's too awesome. 

I love Logan. Maybe that also helps :))

HAVE A GREAT WEEK GUYS. I started my summer job today (boringggg) but I will still try to be on everyday if possible <3 

Oh, did anyone notice those adorable bunny shorts? They're so cute, I don't think I'd ever wear them in RL though. Or would I.... #YOLO
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