The twisted tales of Scarlet & Amelia

I skipped giddily to Scarlet's house. I knocked on the door, and her mother came to open it. She looked incredibly worn and tired. We walked to the kitchen where her father sat having an argument with Scarlet. 
"No, you cannot dig to China! Why do you even want to go there?"
"It's none of your business what we do in China. I just need you to get the tools for us."
"Us? Mia, are you in on this too?"
"Maybe, I haven't seen the schematics yet. Like honestly, how long do you think it'll take? If it takes more than two weeks than it's a no go."
"Once we have the tools we'll figure it all out. Wait, two weeks? Wtf are yoooou doing in two weeks?" 
Scarlet's parents stared at me wondering the same thing. 
"Oh, nothing." I lied. 
"Right," Scarlet winked at me and scratched her head. That was our signal to go upstairs. We realized that anytime we said that we were going upstairs, was entirely too fishy. So our parents would always make sure that they found themselves right outside of the door listening to our conversations. Sucks, right? Right! So instead we used our little code. 
I got up and pretended to go to the bathroom, and Scarlet continued her conversation with her father. When I got to the bathroom I B-lined it up the stairs and flopped hard onto Scarlet's bed. Laying on it reminded me of all the arguing and manipulating we had to do to get it. A few years back we had a fire in the house, wiped out everything blah blah blah. So when my parents re-bought all of our stuff, they bought me a king sized bed. That just did not fly for Scarlet, she wanted one too. So we proceeded to argue, lie, and annoy her parents until she got one too. A smile came to my mind as I thought of those old days. We were so in tune, it was crazy. 
Scarlet came upstairs, "So two weeks?"
I pulled out my digital camera and snapped a picture of her. "Yup, that's when our fake IDs will be done."
"Wait-- what?"
"Yeah, a friend of a friend of a friend's getting it for us. They're legit too."
"Awesome, we should have thought of this before."
"I know right?" I giggled. "So in two weeks, we've got a date with every man at Sonny Newman's Dance Hall."
She squealed, "Hmm, I wonder if the male population is ready for us."
"They better get ready."
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Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
I LOVE THIS!!!!!! this is sooo damned awesome~

Wrote 7 years ago
I LOVE THIS SET! The outfit is gorgeous.

Wrote 7 years ago
i'm such a biitch when I'm tired.
which is why my asss is sleeping by 10.
i love sleep.. its comfy.


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