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Melrose Place
Name: Stella LaStrange
Age: 21
Hometown: Ventura County, California
Secret: Recovering Bulimic
Bio: There once was a girl with plenty of curls, when she was good she was very good but when she was bad... Look out.
Stella was Daddy's little star, born the pampered little princess that was given everything her little heart desired. Ballet lessons when she was three that she kept up mostly because she loved the shoes and fluffy skirts that would flutter as she spun around. Everything was going quite well for her until she was 12. Her mother was unexpectedly pregnant. Nine months later her little brother was born and Stella was pretty much forgotten as he was the son her dad had wanted in the first place.
The Daddy's girl was confused when her father missed her recitals and no longer took her to practices. Only adding to that was the way her body was starting to change and gain feminine curves. She was horrified, no longer the delicate ballerina. Overhearing a couple of the older girls how they stayed slender she tried it. She was sick after doing it but realized she could eat her food and not gain weight! It was a godsend. Plus her mom started noticing how pretty she looked, taking the bitty girl shopping more often. Finally the attention she craved.
It was all peaches and cream until one day she collapsed in school during her senior year, getting sent to a recovery program over the Christmas break that extended into three months longer. The girl came back with everyone thinking she was healed but only had more ways to cover for her illness from listening to the group sessions. She tried to stay at home, working at boutiques but people still looked at her oddly as word came out about her little issue. So it was off to Melrose to work with one of her mother's friends at her shop. She got a pretty awesome employee discount and a new start. Now... She just needed a boyfriend.
Model: Hannah Beth Merjos
Sets Made: 11
Love Interest: Nick, Tyson Ritter
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/stella_lestrange_mp/collection?id=529602 
Stella was an awesome character with an interesting background but didn't go much of anywhere because we were supposed to write our stories ourselves and just add people if you had their permission. I never do well with those. Plus the group seemed a bit clique'y and I didn't quite fit in... Ooops.
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