Everything's the way you left it. I still haven't slept yet. And if you're covering your face now, but you just can't hide the pain, still setting two plates on the counter but eating without you. 
If You Ever Come Back//The Script
For PTS, I had to make a set using ONLY the 50 items Evan gave us.
I now understand what @patr0nus means when she says that she was a victim of Evan's battle group.
Obviously, he wanted us to make fall sets. Okay.
Today was relatively okay. It was better than I thought it would be.
I sat with Max, the 7th grader again, and we talked more about school and what we did over the summer.
In the morning, I actually really wanted to see Matt and talk to him, but I wanted to give him some space and not be so clingy. That, and I saw Miranda first. We ended up walking around school and talking about "her guy" Yesterday, she went into my lunch by mistake, and she was late for Russian. So, this guy, David T., yells "LAAATTTTEEEE!!!!!" like an immature idiot, and a girl stands up for her. And when she got to her seat, "her guy" was like "Well, now you get to sit with me at lunch, okay?" and (holy crap, I'm giggling as I type this) HE PUT HIS HAND ON TOP OF HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*mad girly, high giggling and screams of glee*
I love a good love scene. Especially when it happens to one of my friends. And especially when she's crazy about him. I don't know who was more excited, her or me when I heard this.
Well, anyways, she put her hand on top of his and I forgot what she said, but then he pulled his hand away. 
I still think it means something. HE LIKES HER, OKAY?! They've been talking in Russian a lot, and I'm extremely happy to hear this.
Especially when my own love life is going down the drain. No, wait, I never had one. Never mind.
I woke up at 5 for the second day in a row to do my drawing, and we did a critique. My drawing was horrible. I worked extremely hard on it, but it still sucked, no matter what Sarah says. No one said anything about mine. Thank goodness.
In gym, we had "Fun Friday" and we did team scatterball, and I paired up with Ezea. She got out like 4 times, but I didn't, and we got prizes for being one of the last teams standing. During warmups, I ran with her, Nick, and Taylor again (instead of Dhanisha-UGH). Well, they jogged, and I skipped. Seriously. The coaches don't care, as long as it looks like you're going faster than a walking pace. So we were doing these weird crunches, and I was next to Taylor. He kept having to pull his shorts to his knees (because we were lying down) and both of us were laughing like crazy. I said, "Don't try to flash me, because I have no interest in seeing your underwear!" and we just cracked up. I haven't talked to him in a while. He's an Aries-like Brendan.
Study hall, I worked on my history homework, but I didn't finish it all. 
Midmorning, I talked to Matt a tiny bit, and I went to look for Miranda, but I couldn't find her, so I was going to French when I saw Maureen and Justine. Maureen's birthday is tomorrow, and so is her twin's, Mark. She had these cookies and she was barking at everyone who begged, including me. Kind of funny.
In French, nothing happened between me and Brendan. We had a group activity for 3 people, and I was going to work with Rachel, but then Julia and Grace called me over, unfortunately. He ended up with Rachel, and most of the time, I was just watching the two of them in envy, because that was where I really wanted to be. I almost got in trouble for talking to him, but the teacher thought it was the guy next to me, David.
Math was boring. 
In biology, we had a quiz (that I didn't study for), but I got a 22/25, which is an 88-not so bad. I graded Albert's test and he got a 16/25-a 64. He just didn't fill in the blanks and missed some of them. I reminded him about his first earth science quiz, where he got a 66 because he got 1 answer wrong (3 questions). 
At lunch, I finished my history homework and since Sam and Matt were at their writing workshops for English, I sat with Rachel. Michael happened to be sitting in the booth next to us. Made me extremely nervous. Sam came in around 12:50, and I would've left by then, but I didn't feel like it, so I stayed until 5 minutes before I had to go.
Ah, history. When I turned the homework in, I realized that the fourth page had 4 blank lines. Oh, dear gosh. I hope I don't get a 70 because of that. I probably will, though. 
Well, right before the test, this guy, Peter (who Mr. Weaver is always picking on) slipped an apple onto his desk (me and him, we sit right next to his desk) and when the test started, I pointed out that there was an apple on his desk. He asked me who it was, and I wrote down "Petaaaaaahhhhh is hungry." on an index card. You see, Peter was complaining about how he was hungry yesterday, and Mr. Weaver's just wrote on the whiteboard "Peter is hungry."
Most of us finished within half an hour, and by then, we were all talking, even though we weren't supposed to be. He didn't care, though. I told Peter that it was me who told him.
On the bus, Ezra and Sabrina were trying to guess who I liked and I kept making them mad by not giving them enough clues. They'll figure it out, though.
On my way home, I told Matthew that he was one of my best friends. And it's true. I realized that last night.
He's important to me.
I just wish he considered me a friend as well.

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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
this is SOOO beautiful!! ♥

Wrote 5 years ago
Okay! Thanks youu!

Wrote 5 years ago
You sound like a great friend to freak out about that
You did extremely well on your biology test, I would have failed if I didn't study.
Now we have "fitness friday" DDDDDDDDDX
and lucky me, i get gym on every friday of the year = =
Last year i had like hardly any gym D:
YOU HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS. They all sound awesome
I hope Matthew considers you as a friend as well, I think that he's really cool :]
Also, I'm curious what would you do if Matt found your polyvore?



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Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

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Listen To Your Heart ?

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Be Positive;;Get Popular ♥

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