ASDFGHJKL I had my classics and history exams earlier this week and they were...ehhhhhh *insert me flopping my hand around from side to side so it looks like an awkward salmon*
They were okay I guess.
GAHHHH I have my other four exams next week, today I've basically been studying for ages for maths, and I still son't understand anything. Gosh.
I actually feel so proud when I understand something in maths, I'm just like , "YES! HAHA! YES! "
Complete with a little crazy jig too.
Anywho....I was tagged by the forever awesome @cupcakemayhem in her awesmazing set. The rules are that I have to use an item from her set, tag ten people and answer the question "what is your favourite band?"
So, I used the pic with the "hang int here" quote on it, and as of right now, my favourite band is a tie between Beat!Beat!Beat! and Those Dancing Days.
So without further ado, I tag:

You don't have to participate if you don't want to :)
So yeah bro, back to studying now I suppose. At least I got a day off today (our teachers went on strike), but the year 10 study day is on monday, which is the Queen's birthday Holiday.
*insert me growling here*
Anywhooooo.....oh Holy Hippogriffs imma be one helluva procrastinator.
But I should.....
*sigh* inner turmoil here.
Okay okay, I'm going, I'm going....flippering fishcakes, oh how I loathe maths.
Anyway, I guess this is goodbye.
~Anni out. To go study. Even though she doesn't want to. And she doesn't know why she's referring to herself in the third person. And she really wants a hot chocolote....
OKAY that got weird.....well, I'm off.
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