Inspiration of the day : Tom Hiddleston & Kat Dennings ♥

-I’m pregnant.
Darcy watched him, silent and trying to contain her happiness. Though at first she has been more than anxious and afraid–as-hell, now her bright side couldn’t be tamed. She is pregnant with Loki's child, with the child of the man she is desperately in love with. She was pregnant with the love of her life.
-Excuse me ? There must have a misunderstanding, he said stoïc and cold. But she could see through he wall made of iron, she always do.
Well, even if it wasn’t exactly the answer she looked for.
- Loki, I'm pregnant. You know, it's what use to happens when a man and a woman made love, she said happily as she was explaining this to a kid. She was pregnant for God's sake! 
- I do know how a woman can be impregnated, love, but I do say this is impossible. 
- How is it impossible ? She asks, astonished. Here is a proof! She exclaims, showing her belly, still flat. 
- Darcy, stops this childish act, and comes to bed. It's late, and I don't want to fight with you tonight....
His reaction starts to scare her and while a pang of sadness was about to hit her, but her mind and her hormone of pregnant woman made her feel otherwise. She was exceeded by his attitude! How dare he not believe her? She was pregnant with his child. Fire was burning inside of her. Seriously, how dare he?
Loki, on his side, was slightly nervous. Could it be real? Could she be pregnant? He never really thought about being a father, he has already so many issues about being a son... But more frightening, how about his Jotun form? Could Darcy survive the childbirth? After all, she is human. He tends to forget this too many times.
- Loki, seriously, this is not funny...
- Darcy, would you just shut your mouth and sleep? he asks her, cutting her and starting to put off this clothes.
Fire burning inside her, while she tries to contain, some tears found her way down her face, but she wipes them angrily. Two could play this game.
- Listen to me, Loki God of Mischief. If this pregnancy is really impossible, could you give at least an explanation ? she shouts at him.
He was taken aback. All he wanted was to go to bed without a fight and wake up early in the morning to do some research. All he wanted was to have the answers before she becomes afraid of the pregnancy... It seems that she decides otherwise.
- Darcy..., he starts.
- No, no "Darcy" here. I want answers!
- You should slow down...
- No, I won't! she cut him, again. Maybe, you becomes father when you decide, just to show how much powerful you are, right? Because, let me think about this, you're a God, right? You're fucking God and I'm only a silly mortal who thinks she is pregnant! How dare she? Well, sorry! Or not all actually, I can't believe you're so mean... she cries again, wiping other angry tears.
- Darcy, it's not absolutely what you think, I am sorry for make you feel this way-
- No you don't. Seriously, what in the hell can make you think that I can't be pregnant?
- I... he tries to find a reasonable sentence, something that would explain why but he was again cut out by a very angry and hurt Darcy.
- Are Jotün infertile? That could makes some sense actually, after all you're all so cold! She said, bitterly.
After saying this sentence, she realizes she went to far. But now, there was another life inside of her and maybe because you could call it the the maternal instinct or simply the need to show how wrong he was, but she couldn't take back what she said. After all, he denied so hard her pregnancy that it makes her sick.
- That's what you think? he said, angry now. 
- I don't know, I was just trying to find an explanation to your saying. Maybe you're just a jerk.
- Or maybe you're actually pregnant and I am not the father. Could it be, Darcy? As I am too cold for you! he shouts so hard that he his hands start to shake.
Darcy, realizing what he just say, gives him a hard slap on his right cheek.
- How dare you? she said, deeply hurt this time.
Taken aback for the second time, Loki just realize what he said too.
- Darcy, I am so sorry! he urges, trying to hug her or just to touch her.
- Don't! she cries, taking two steps back from him.
He stops walking toward her.
- I think I'm going to sleep at Natasha's tonight.
- Don't go, please... he murmured.
She took some clothes and needs, put it messily in her bag and leave without a word.
Loki, alone in their flat can't help but recall the first sentence she said to him minutes ago.
"I'm pregnant."

I hope you love this x)
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