I was tagged by @vy-canis ! Of course you don’t have to answer the questions, but I think it’s fun and a good way to learn some stuff about each other!
Here are the rules:
1.Always post rules (lol)
2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 more
3. Tag 11 new people

vy-canis’s questions: 

1. how old are you?
2. what is your first language?
3. do you speak another language?
yes. I speak english and a little bit of french and russian.
4. who's your favourite singer?
that’s a hard one! I would say raphael haroche. but also john lennon and jacques brel and bob dylan and brandon flowers. 
5. who's your favourite designer?
oh I don’t really know. probably valentino and good old coco chanel (not karl lagerfeld!)
6. five favourite movies
atonement, wild at heart, lord of the rings, titanic and birdy
7. who's the handsomest actor/actress? 
LEONARDO DICAPRIO. but let’s not forget about viggo mortensen, ewan mcgregor (current obsession). michael fassbender, joseph gordon-levitt and gaspard ulliel. and when it comes to actresses, well, the list is even longer!
8. favourite series/tv shows?
dexter, the walking dead, lie to me (the first season!), some episodes of criminal minds…
9. current obsession?
ewan mcgregor, as I just said. but I have these, hmm, permanent obsessions and they are: paris. serial killers. sigmund freud. uncanny events, strange creatures. clean eating and food/cooking in general. illustrating. some elements of american folklore. biology. roadtrips. bruises. summer, thunderstorms. nail polishes.

10. absolute favourite dess?
every black dress is a good dress, no matter how loose or tight or long or short or shiny.
11. have you got a tumblr?
yes. and it is www.saint-natalie.tumblr.com

my questions:
1.what’s your middle name?
2.do you believe in ghosts? or UFO? maybe chupacabras?
3.what is your favorite food?
4.where would you like to be right now?
5.and where are you right now?
6.what is your favorite book?
7.if you were to drink only one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be?
8.do you have a role model? if yes, then who is that?
9.what are you wearing right now?
10. do you ever get these “I have nothing to wear” moments? And if yes, how often?
11. can we hang around together sometimes eating ice cream and talking about silly things?

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