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“A good man can be stupid and still be good, buy a bad man must have brains.”-Maxim Gorky. “Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability-- they should go hand in hand.”-Donald Norman. //\\ Manhattan’s Upper East Side is typically categorized as being inhabited by rich residents, high fashion shops, and things you only see in television dramas, but no one pays attention to Rorschach’s Preparatory School. An elite high school for the academically gifted, Rorschach’s takes up an entire block for it’s facilities. Students from all around the world come to this school to learn from the best teachers. This place isn’t one that daddy’s money can buy you into. There’s a series of tests and interviews one must pass to become a student of Rorschach’s and there’s now way around it. An entrance exam, an interview with the headmaster, and a formal review by the Board of Directors all determine whether or not you are worthy to attend Rorschach’s. If you passed, well then good luck, this isn’t your average high school. Welcome to Rorschach Prep.


i should go to bed. it's 12:20 and i've got to be up at 7 to tour the university in london i might probably be attending in september. was going to go to bed early, but along came polly came on and i'd never seen the ending before so i was stupid and stayed up to watch it, and, while i did, i made this set.

but yeah. it's probably inspired by the lovely sets of farah and other people who i can't think of off the top of my head. 

oh and the awesome umbrella and the sparkly top and probably a couple other things are stolen from maria's destination challenge or whatever it's called sets.

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