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For @chomiczynka's Zodiac Signs (Western): Kpop collection Zodiac Signs Sagittarius&Capricorn:

After seeing Taec in person I think I like him more... he's sooo no my type (because you probably had already noticed that most of the guys I like are always similar) but he's so amazing in just too many ways to explain it properly... lol... it's too late and I have to go and sleep now! but I had to publish this set! i don't feel like writing about zodiac signs at 2:30 am so I'll just post the chart 

Flirtatious : Medium 
Jealous: Medium
Faithful : High 
Adventurous: Low
Romantic: Medium 
Sensitive : Medium 
Possessive: Medium

Very determined and practical in all that they do. Career is very important and they are motivated by advancement and recognition, they see no need to take risks and are very conservative.

Perfect match: Taurus, Virgo
Almost perfect: Scorpio, Pisces
Opposites attract: Gemini, Leo
Signs to learn from: Sagittarius, Aquarius
Not your destiny: Aries, Libra

ok, our Taec should learn from me? maybe I should teach him about fashion hahaha! 

and talking about something else I really want to write something for wish and I have a lot of ideas but somehow I just can't pick my characters... i had some guys in mind but i don't want to choose one of my bias and the girl? no one seems to fit... any suggestions?
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