Beepbeep beep. Beepbeep beep.


Her hand collides with her alarm clock, eyes already wide awake. The girl lies in her bed for a moment; she takes one breath in, one breath out. Right, up. She sits up, and takes a look around her room, her brain running a million miles an hour as she surveys her room. Everything seems to be in order. Her clothes are neatly piled up on shelves, hair spray, deodorant, and other sorts of cans are in a straight line atop one shelf, her shoes are perfectly lined with their pair underneath the shelves. Breath in, breath out. Everything’s in order.

She moves over to her stereo, her record collection sitting neatly besides it, all the CDs in alphabetical order. She effortlessly slips one out from the stack and puts it on, her hands move easily and precisely, like she’s done this many times before. She pushes the ‘OPEN/CLOSE’ button and skips to Track Six. The song starts and she smiles to herself and drops her hands to her stomach, one hand on top of the other. The feel of skin on skin has always interested the girl.

“Well you're dirty and sweet
Clad in black don't look back and I love you…”

The girl walks away, peering curiously at the shelves holding her piles of clothing, all neatly order into stacks of different types of clothing and colour coded. It brings her bliss to see her workman ship, and it saves her dear minutes when she gets ready in the morning. The girl pulls out a skirt, a shirt, and other accessories. Finally, she grabs some boots and places all of the items of clothing neatly on her bed. Hm. It’s not quite right. She changes a couple of things before smiling to herself and turning away from her bed. 

She is heading towards the shower, but before she can get there, a call from downstairs startles her. Usually it is later. Why is it so early? Did she get up late? The girl starts to panic before taking a look at one of the numerous clocks around the house. She’s right on time. But the call isn’t. What’s happened? “HOLLY? HOLLY? Will you ANSWER ME?” The voice calls up and the girl can’t do nothing but stand there and stare at the clock. Finally she blinks and opens her mouth. “Why are you early?” She calls out. The answer she receives in not the one she wants. “Because I am.”

She wants to just run away, but she has to find out, and soon. The time is ticking by and she won’t be running perfectly on time soon enough. She fiddles with her fingers nervously. “I woke up early, is that alright?” The voice says. She relaxes at once before heading to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror, washes her hands. Carefully strips, before placing her underwear in a pile, neatly folded. She turns the hot tap on first, waits four seconds and turns the cold one on. She holds her hand out, testing to see if the water is the right temperature. It is. It always is. She steps in and lets the water run down her skin. 
She takes her time to complete her hygienic jobs before getting out of the shower exactly twenty minutes after she got in. The clock in the shower tells her she is running slightly late, and panic starts to swell inside her. She quickly dries her body, trying to make up time before she hurries into her bedroom once more. It feels unnatural, because she isn’t doing it right. She licks her lips, showing her nerves. Would today be completely different then? She wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. The girl carefully puts on her new clothing, which still remained perfectly laid out on her bed, not before spraying some deodorant and having a small boogie in her underwear to T-Rex. It’s at the usual part of the song she boogies to, which means she has caught up time. She smiles to herself, grateful that she isn’t running late anymore.

A voice appears from outside her door. “Can I come in Holly? You’ve got a big day ahead and I need to make sure you are ready for it.” It’s her mum, the same voice from before but a lot calmer now. This is normal, but her words are not. Holly quickly throws on her shirt before tucking it in and saying “Come in.” She smiles as her mother enters and sits in the same spot on her bed as always. “Don’t you just love this song mum? His voice is mesmerizing.” Her mother smiles, she’s been asked that question many times before. “Yes, it’s lovely dear. Now come on down and get started with your breakfast. You don’t want to be late for the audition, would you?”

The audition? Oh yes. Holly smiles at her mum and nods once. She always just nods once. “I’ll be down in a second.” She gets up turns the CD off and soon joins her mum walking down the stairs, her brain is working hard to try and comprehend what today would bring, something out of the normal. But she had to do it. She had to dance, and to dance she had to go to the audition. She just hoped that it wasn’t all for nothing.
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