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Lily Taylor McKinnley
September 25, 2012
Big Apple Interns

Not to sound clichéd, but today was one of those incredibly perfect fall days in the city where I just wanted to walk around Central Park with a camera and a cup of hot cocoa. 

Sadly that wasn’t an option today with my nine to five work schedule and then an early dinner with Harper afterwards. With one last longing look out my bedroom window, I sighed heavily before finishing my morning routine of getting ready. 

Just as I slicked on one last swipe of lipstick, I heard a loud thud coming from the kitchen.

“Cap what are you doing out there buddy?” Turning the corner, I had to hold back a scream when I saw Addie and Gabe sitting at my kitchen island.

“Oh I love that top, can I borrow it sometime? Addie asked.

I looked at them incredulously. “What the…how the hell did you get into my apartment!”

“Addie let me in,” Gabe, who as always was helping himself to whatever was in my fridge, pointed an accusing finger. 

I listened to them bicker back and forth before I held up my hand for them to shut up.

“I know I gave one of you idiots a key to this apartment,” I said, eyeballing both of them while they tried to appear innocent. “I just can’t remember who at this moment but this will be the last time I see you freeloaders this early, got it?”

Gabe nodded obediently, though I already knew he’d be here tomorrow, begging me to make him some dinner. Addie on the other hand, didn’t look so intimidated by my little speech.

“But Gabe gets free food all the time, what makes him so special.” 

I rolled my eyes, moving past them to make a quick parfait for breakfast. Addie and Gabe always had some type of quasi feud about something or another – I never paid any serious attention to their fights.

“It’s because she loves me more than she loves you, it’s time you realized that Addison.” Gabe whispered into her ear, fake sincerity dripping from his tone.

“Liar!” She screamed, pushing him away. “Lily, will you tell this overgrown three-year-old that I’m the favorite once and for all.”

“I don’t really like either of you all that much,” I grumbled, munching on granola and strawberry.

“Well I never, how dare you!” Addie placed her hand over her heart in faux shock – she could be very theatrical when she wanted to be.

“I’m not gunna sit here and be insulted like this, move it girlie we’re out of here.” I flashed both of them the peace sign as they walked out, laughing when they both showed me another, less friendly finger.

I finished up my healthy breakfast and refilled Cap’s water and food bowl before dashing out of the apartment. For some reason I always felt like I would be perpetually late to work even if I got there five minutes early. 

My neurotic worries were unfounded because I got to work with time to spare, a little before our daily meeting. I was Lonny Magazines only intern but honestly with such a small magazine, I was more of an assistant to whoever needed me. 

But with an art background, my home was in the art department and I answered to them most of the time. Walking into the office I went about my routine of saying hi to everyone and picking up a raspberry danish from the break room. 

“G’mornin’ Harper,” I mumbled through my last bit of pastry.

He looked a bit disgusted. “Good morning little miss piggy, I’m guessing you missed breakfast today?” 

I rolled my eyes. “No I didn’t little miss prissy, I just love these things.”

My desk was filled with paper work that needed filing, calls that needed to be made, and most exciting were the two requests for some small fashion illustrations for our top ten fall must have’s list. 

“So how was you’re night, do anything interesting?”

I thought for a bit before shrugging my shoulders. “I had a Sex and the City marathon with Cap if that counts.”

“Oh Lord, you are in desperate need of a man,” She regarded me for a second before her eyes lit up in excitement. “You should let me set you up on a date with one of Warren’s friends.”

Even before she finished her sentence, I was shaking my head.

“I don’t do blind dates, nor do I get set up with men without meeting seeing what they look like.” My body shuddered a bit recalling some of the disastrous stories Addie has told me of her blind date disasters. 

“But Lily he’s so cute and he has his own apartment, a great job and all of his own hair!” 

I didn’t want to admit it but she did get my interest a little. With the guys I had been meeting recently, maybe a blind date wouldn’t be so bad.

“I’ll think about it.”

She squealed, making me giggle. “Fine I’ll take it, but I’m going to wear you down missy. You deserve a great guy and I know I can find him for you.”

I was going to answer but they called us into the meeting, making me shake off thoughts of boys and dates and get my head back into work mode.
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