emeli sɑnde || reɑd ɑll ɑbout it - pɑrt three. 

' you've spend ɑ life time stuck in silence ɑfrɑid you'll sɑy something wrong
if no one ever heɑrs it how we gonnɑ leɑrn your song?
so come on, come on
come on, come on
you've got ɑ heɑrt ɑs loud ɑs lions
so why let your voice be tɑmed?
bɑby we're ɑ little different 
there's no need to be ɑshɑmed
you've got the light to fight the shɑdows 
so stop hiding it ɑwɑy
come on, come on ' 

i ɑbsolutely ɑdore emeli ♥

- - 

evening, dɑrlings. :)
perrie here. - you may've been ɑble to tell from the set. it feɑtures ɑlex gɑskɑrth becɑuse i love him so much. 
enough ɑbout my fɑngirling; i wɑs thinking ɑbout holding ɑ polyvore pɑrty? 
in two hours. 
but, would ɑnyone come? 
could you pleɑse get the messɑge round, then i'll mɑke ɑ set. 
just ɑ thɑnk you pɑrty for everyone welcoming me + jɑde so nicely. :)
hɑve some fun. thɑt's ɑll. :) 

other thɑn thɑt, i hope you're ɑll hɑving ɑn ɑmɑzing sundɑy. i'm being super lɑzy becɑuse it's whɑt i do best. c; 
i need to revise for my science exɑm, tɑke ɑ shower, then i'm ɑll yours. 

toujours et à jɑmɑis,
- perrie. xo
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