Yuletide seen by others

The reason for the season is Light.
You may call that with what ever name you wish, and you may celebrate what ever you choose to - be it Christmas, Yule, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else - of course.
But PLEASE DO NOT HOG THE SEASON by shouting everywhere that YOUR reason to celebrate the season is THE reason, demanding that people use words YOU choose, punishing people who are wishing people "happy holidays" in stead of "happy what-ever-it-is-YOU-celebrate".
Try to remember that there's freedom of religion in all Western countries. While that means that EVERYONE - you included - is free to celebrate what ever they choose in Midwinter, everyone is also entitled to do so without being disturbed by others.
You wouldn't want ME to push MY religion, beliefs and God on YOU, would you?

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