Victoria Brahm 
Age: 20 
Hometown: Brooklyn New York 
Likes: fashion, motorcycles, desserts, coffee, vodka, parties, old movies, Broadway shows, gelato, berries, books and boys. 
Dislikes: hospitals, white, mockingbirds, the press, big houses, apples, Tom Cruise. Storyboard/collection: 
Bio: Victoria is a fashionable New Yorker, from her exterior, you might never guess the he.ll that’s inside her head, she tries to pretend everything is ok, and she is just this beautiful glamazon she shows the world, but if you pay attention really close you can see the cracks of that personality, that’s why she had to really think through the fact that she is now well on her way to become a big start and her past is always going to be on display. But she thinks now its time to put everything behind her, and start a new life and enjoy everything she has now, because that is what Sofia, her little sister would have wanted. Tori is sarcastic and fun, and she always has some smart remark to make, or snide comment to add. She is not usually a nasty person, but when you mess with her friends or family she turns into a nightmare. 
Relationship status: single 
Model: Daniela Braga 
taken by: priscilla


The plane landed in LAX and Victoria could feel her heart beating faster and faster, she was sure she wanted to do this, but everything was so different from home, LA was the opposite of New York and she knew it, but most importantly in a few weeks she was going to be famous, and not like back home, where few people in the fashion industry knew her, she was going to be in every TV in America, she didn't know if she was ready for her story to be known by everyone, but she could relate to others who's story was the same. 
The plane landed and she let out a short sight, waking up the lady sitting next to her. She looked out the window, it was sunny and everyone seemed happy to have arrived, she still had no idea how she felt. Every girl in America wanted to be here, part of the cast of the new hit reality show about to take America by storm, but she couldn't help but to think she was running away, but maybe run away was exactly what she needed.


an old Etta James record was the background of a simple room, elegantly decorated, tall white walls and a big bed, that looked like it could be slept on forever. If there was one thing Victoria adored was sleeping. She dropped her carry on and smirked, the mansion she was now living on, was fuc.king huge. It had everything you could ever ask for, and then more. the walk in closet was shared with another girl, mostly to cause drama, she thought to herself.
A slim figure appeared through the closet, "Hey!" a tall beautiful girl with light brown hair smiled. 
"Im Cloe, welcome to the house" she said grinning. Victoria eyed her and stood up from the bed, shaking the girl's hand. "Hey im Victoria, are we sharing closets?" i asked and she nodded smirking. "I was hoping for a fat chick that wouldnt fit into my clothes but i think i like your outfit" she said. Victoria laughed and nodded, i was going to say the same thing"
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