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+Name: Nicole Richards
Age: 18
Birthday: 10 November, 1993
Why they’re at the house: She's trying a place to stay while she's at the uni that isn't her parent's house
How long they’ve been there: 1 year and 3 months
Quote or Lyric: I have no desire to prove anything by it. I have never used it as an outlet or a means of expressing myself. I just dance - Fred Astaire
Occupation: waitress at Pancakes at Carillion
Education: Studying at WAAPA dance for being a professional performers or better, corographer
Bio: She is a classic teenager with nothing in particular that she'd done. Since she was six years old she started dancing, initially she started with some easy courses like classic and modern. When she was ten she started dancing hip hop too. Her parents always support her passion 'cause they noticed that their daughter was really good at it. So they're very glad that she was chosen from the WAAPA. Her reaction when she got the letter went down in the annals. Her passion for the dance obviously took up her time for other things like boys. Yes, this chick has never been in a relationship but everything has its time, isn't it? Her dream is to work or just dance for her queen, Beyoncè. So she'll never stop studying to make this dream happen.
Talent/Goal: Dance or work for Beyoncè + become a professional dancer
Relationship Status: married with music
Model: Emma Stone
Taken By: hopefully @martasmiling

+ Ivanne Richards, 49
She has always support her daughter since she were a child. House-wife, sheleft the job when she married Victor.
model: Catherine Zeta Jones
+Victor Richards, 51
He's not the kind of dad that shows his feeling for his family, but he loves all of them.
model: Sean Penn
+Sammy Richards, 22
Destiny's twin. Nicole's brother and best-friend. He always jokes that his sister is a single-dancing-queen. He decided to not study for a while and just have fun.
model: Penn Badgley
+Destiny Richards, 22
Sammy's twin. Destiny's the real opposite of Nicole, she's always been girly and the most popular girl of the school. She cares of her sister and she'd like to see her shine with all her beauty.
model: Leighton Meester


+Waitress at Pancakes at Carillion, Carillion City (Arcade of Murray Street)

+Student at WAAPA, major in dance.

+Nicole's style is very simple, she wears only what is comfortable for her. This means no tight clothes, high heels or skirt. Her favourite accesory? Vans!

+Logan Davis, 20
Nicole's best friend. He always admired Nicole's devotion to dance. They knew eachother since high school. He has a girlfriend, Zoe.
model: Dylan O'Brien 

+Kara Kidmel, 19
She is in the same class of Nicole. She's one of the person that Nicole enjoy to sped time with. They share the passion for hip hop.
model: Lily Collins

+Rosie Alexander, 21
They works together. Initially Nicole was quite suspicious besides her, but then thay know eachother better. Now they're good friends.
model: Shailene Woodley


+Zoe Downey, 19
Logan's girlfriend. Nicole totally hates her. Zoe had a bad reputation at high-school, she were considered the cheerleader sl.t of the school. Since she started date Logan, Nicole is afraid that she could break his heart.
model: Kristen Stewart

+Zack Colton, 22 
He goes at the same classes of Niki. Zack's "an arrugant boy that has to review his priorities". For him everything is a way to show that he's the best, could you stand someone like him?
model: Milo Ventimiglia
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