hello polyvorians ♥

i've had an amazing birthday(: i just came back from chinese with my family and grandparents. i'm so full, aha :3 but i've had an amazing day, and thank you for all the messages, comments and set, they mean so much ♥

GUYS THE PERFECT END TO THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY #ZALFIE IS REAL OMG OMG OMG OMG i'm fangirling so hard because i wanted it to be real so bad AND ZOELLA PUT A BLOG POST UP SAYING IT IS OMG. treasuring this moment forever ♥

for the polyvore summer academy round two ;
run by @foreverandalways-rachael ♥

as a bookworm i made a sandcastle based on one of my favourite all time novels ' the great gatsby ' by f. scott fitzgerald. the sandcastle reminds me of gatsby's mansion, and i've included pictures from the movie and i've included some scenes from the movie that were my favourite parts in the book - the parties. they were amazing ♥
i also included nautical items to remind me of the beach(:

i will tag my team in the comments
& #tpsa ♥

have a good day!
- sorcha || #sorchcat xo

instagram : instagram.com/sorchathecat
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