Name: Jace Kingsley Monroe
Age: Eighteen
How Do They Feel About The Mentally Unstable: He feels that they're the same as everyone else, only their problems have gotten ahold of them worse than other people's problems have.
Bio: Jace was the second oldest child out of his siblings, and he watched his parents marriage fall apart after his little sister was born. He hated that his parents just split the three up when they all knew how close the kids were with eachother. Once his father had him and his older brother settled in the new place, he eventually started to make friends. It was at Jace's tenth birthday, four years after his parents divorced that his father fell in love with the single mother of Jace's best friend. They got married a year after, and Jace's best friend became his step-brother, and his little sister became his step-sister. You would think that Jace would love having a little sister again, but his best friend's sister was the complete oposite of his little sister Pippa. He hated being around the girl, and did his best to avoid her because of how much she annoyed him. He was sent to Zanair Academy by his father who thought that he was being rebellious after his son's death, and being sent here to Zanair was one of the best things that happened to him seeing as he got away from his life.
Secret: He had a child from a previous relationship, but his baby boy died from SIDS when he was six months old.
Dream: He wants to help his sister get better, but more than anything, he wants to have a large family, but wants to be nothing like his father.
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