ZANE LEE · the enigma · everybody knows that zane lee came to new york from nearly a lifetime under Monarchy rule across the ocean. what nobody knows is /why/. some say she ran away as an act of rebellion and her parents, probably higher-ups in the King's Court, are searching for her high and low. others spread the tale that she's an assassin, on the run after failing out to carry out her hit on the Royals. but nobody dares ask her straight-out, though her response would most likely be only to light another cigarette and grin knowingly. (the reality? just normal teenage rebelliousness, no anti-government sentiment required, although she disagrees with their policies.)

RAMONA CROSS · the princess · put simply, ramona is a brat. her daddy was one of new york's few remaining crime lords, the one behind all the dirty business for the people who remained in the city. /was./ daddy's dead now, and mona's on her own - except for the other girls, of course, but she hasn't made herself all too popular with them yet. armed with double pistols and bubblegum, she's got to look out for herself now - or die trying.
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